Youths need to change negative perception of them

Youths need to change negative perception of them
Posted on May 10, 2012, Thursday

MIRI: Youths need to change the sometimes negative perception society has of them and prove that they could live up to expectation to help ensure that the nation will be able to achieve its 2020 vision.

Assistant director of Youth and Sports Department Mazlan Anis said although there were many great contributions by youths, some Malaysian youths were perceived as irresponsible lot involved in many socials ills, citing the drug mule problem as an example.

Problems of drug addiction and trafficking among youths are very important issues that need to be addressed.

Even our graduates were caught overseas trafficking drugs, said Mazlan during the opening of the Miri Divisional Level Youth Associations Conference held by Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat.

As such, he urged youth organisations to play an active role in solving these problems.

Mazlan added that involvement of mainly youths including those in Sarawak in the spate of street demonstrations in the country had also greatly tarnished the image of youths.

Out of the population of 2.7 million in Sarawak, some 1.3 million youths are eligible to register as voters. Sadly, the percentage of registered voters is very low. However, when it comes to holding street demonstration, the majority were youths, he pointed out.

Earlier on, Antonio in his speech said youths while striving to change the negative perception should also equip themselves with the necessary leadership skills.

At the same time, youths must be imbued with good values such as patriotism and a sacrificial spirit for the development of the country, he added.

On the conference, Antonio said it served as a forum or mini parliament for youths and local leaders to discuss relevant youth issues and policies.

Among those present were Miri Division Resident Antonio Kahti Galis who is also the divisional chairman of the conference, Miri District Officer Boniface Intang Apat, the Divisional Youths and Sports officer Daniel Batin and the National Youth Skill Training Institute Miri director Shamsul Tahrin Mohd Tahir.

Fifty youth leaders drawn from various non-governmental organisations and relevant government agencies in the division attended the half-day conference.


youths don’t care about that.

they like drugs, booze and girls…welcome to Sarawak

The statements are kinda dodgy . Sounds like mere generalisation from his bias point of view. The way I see it, he’s just mad that youths joined street protest and refused to bow down to
ps. The drug mules are just some easily seduced dumbs.