Youth Start Leaving Facebook


The study conducted by the Global Social Media Impact finds , many young people aged between 16-18 years in eight European countries are now starting to leave facebook and switched to Twitter , WhatsApp , Instagram and SnapChat .

The decline in popularity of facebook is because the youth did not want to be monitored by their parents, who also use facebook.

From the research done , most teens do not bother to use other social services such as Twitter & WhatsApp though the service is not so much function and complicated to use.

What are the most “egregious” for them, is when their parents send a “request” as a friend on facebook. With fewer young people use facebook, is it possible that it is a sign that the golden age of facebook will end ? What about the fate of entrepreneurs who make full use of Facebook as a platform for their business? Whatever the case, as an online business entrepreneur, we must always be prepared for all possibilities and be sensitive to changes in this trend.

Source: Trendslink

Youth keep lots of things they don’t want their parents to know meh? How about Twitter , WhatsApp , Instagram and SnapChat ? You think parents cannot check on them? For me, it’s a good thing that parents are able to monitor their childrens’ acivities in any social network, don’t you thing?