Youth nabbed for attempted entry into army camp

A man in his 20s was brought to Miri Central Police Station (CPS)
yesterday afternoon for attempting to enter an army camp here without a
valid reason.

The man was stopped by the army personnel on guard when he attempted entry.

When asked his purpose to go inside, the man replied that God had sent him.

The army authority responded by calling the police.

A mobile police vehicle rushed to the scene after receiving the call, and brought the man to the CPS for questioning.

to sources, the man claimed he was with the Republic of Philippines
Army but this was not supported by the documents found on him.

It was believed that the man was under the influence of drug.

Sources said when police asked the man how he landed on state soil, he said a bright light brought him.

Miri deputy police chief, Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit, confirmed the arrest.

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