Your driving preference (in Miri) - manual or automatic?

Well, here’s something that I’d just like to hear your opinions.

What is your driving preference? Manual shifting or automatic? Keep in mind on the streets of Miri. If you were to buy a new car, would it be automatic or manual?

I have an automatic car, and I preferred it that way as my daily driven car - because it’s really more practical for me. Don’t get me wrong - I could jump into a manual and drive off just as easily given the chance (or when there is no choice, like driving a rental or something).

But given that advancements in automatics are so good now (I’m really just talking about Japanese/German cars only actually) that automatic doesn’t really consume that much more fuel or rob you of power nowadays, plus the added benefits just make it so much more worth it.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever driven a Proton or Perodua automatic transmission - good luck getting any speed out of it…

in miri…maybe manual…but if traffic jam getting worst in miri…automatic is a good choice…

Manual, mainly bcos of pick up. Auto in times of traffic jam would be a good choice.

i drive auto cos that is the oni car i have…hehehe…my last experince with a manual car is my driving test…hahahaha…who say proton and perodua cannot accelerate…some model allowed…just the matter of skill…lol

I’ll go for Auto. Main reason is “relaxing”.

Another truth is driving a Manual car in town won’t give you any big different in terms the consumption of fuel compared to Auto. I myself driving a Manual car in KL here all the time :x , very tiring…

Although I got another car in miri, but once i’m back to miri I preferred to drive my parents car(Auto), I know it’s not powerful compared to Manual, but I really love it. :wink:

Manual of course.

If Miri become like KL or JB then, auto is the best choice.

I am driving a manual…prefered manual coz of less service like dun have to check the autogear fluid/filter…break fluid…just to ease on the money factor…

Interesting opinions… but for those who said auto isn’t powerful - perhaps you should give the new Civic or the Corolla Altis automatics a test drive. Can you say, ‘suck you into the back of the seat’ acceleration?

Anyway the funny thing I realise about Proton automatics is that you feel like it has pickup but the reality is that it only feels so. I’ve also driven a Kancil EZ and a Kembara automatic - those are totally not worth their extra price at all.

Also, sileast20, the last time I checked my automatic trans fluid was in something like… 2004.

Actually it depends on the distance of your drive…over here highways stretch are normally long so you know service is mostly requiring checking everything almost every month for older cars…or yet tend to break down half way…

I’d prefer to drive a manual car. My front tyre brakes lasts longer due to use of downshifts to slow down the car & use of handbrake.

I downshift with my automatic all the time. :slight_smile: It’s interesting to note the misperceptions on automatic - most of which are based on the old automatics - the new ones are so much more efficient.

I’m also surprised nobody said price as a factor for not getting auto.

Well I guess that’s reasonable, but then with the manuals you have the gear oil and clutch to think about… I also do runs to Brunei on a regular basis averaging 120-140kmh on their highways… but then I guess I should check my trans fluid once in a while too.

It’s also impossible to push start an automatic too, if you run out of battery or burn out your starter btw.

Well the reason I’m asking is that I have a friend who’s deciding on which type to choose - automatic or manual for his new car. I told him to go automatic because I said he’ll thank me later when he’s stuck in a jam or a stretch of road full of speed bumps. :slight_smile:

He did mention some of what you have mentioned too - so I guess I’ll now just let him weigh the pros and cons by himself.

Yup…you are right at that point…there are pros and cons on which ever you will take…for a manual, Clutch Oil check normally dun have much service not unless you are a racer and done frequent burn out with it…brake oils, normally coz we dun need to press on the brake when we are stationed, normally Drivers on automatic transmission cars press over brakes whenever they need to slow down, stop and during stationed, which normally when stationed we must shift to neutral to avoid getting the master brake pump to wear out while pressing on the brake pad. But for automatics, I like to drive those too coz it is comfortable where you can rest normally left foot during driving and in terms of an emergency you only need to focus on the brakes…more of an ease in driving and fuel efficent by now.
So if I were the guy, which ever i think I can afford to make any of that particular choice…I would go for which ever and hope it won’t make me dissapointed in the long run…

daily car should be AT i think :smiley:

I agree wif u…safer for braking but hard on ur engine…no more skidding or spining if emergency brake due to no ABS…

I drive manual, downshift gear makes u feels like racing just want to overtake apek tua infront… :wink:

Manual all the way! Cars are so much fun driven manually. :slight_smile:

Until the first traffic jam, of course. :slight_smile:

Honestly speaking, if I could afford a second car for my own, I’d definitely get a manual - but then my car would have to be a sports car - like an S2000 or RX8 or something like that and I’d take it to the track for a short run.

But - there’s no track in Miri (kart track don’t count), and I couldn’t afford to get a second (good) car as being in Malaysia cars are expensive, let alone a sporty one (even rarer).

Just felt that if it is driven manual, it should be on sports cars. With 6 speeds and above. And short-throw shift gates.

In Miri, people have to make do with one average car for most functions. I did recommend him to get a Civic 2.0 though with the F1 style shifters but naturally his bank didn’t agree well.

Banks don’t work well with all the cars we dream of purchasing…and so does our pocket…have to settle for a more compact car…with less power…and less safety…

semi auto,lagi best…hehe.

traffic jam in Miri is nothing … manual is still good enough for me