Young M'sian grads turn to sex industry for work

Citing a Harian Metro (a Malaysian newspaper) report, The Star (another Malaysian daily) said the easy money - five-digit incomes - was appealing to these individuals.

Harian Metro reportedly interviewed a few of them, who produced proof of their higher education qualifications to the paper.

Lala from Kedah, a 24-year-old tourism diploma holder, said her work was easy and could reap large financial gain in a short span of time.

Liyana, 25, explained how she duped men into banking money into her account. She would offer massage services on her Facebook and Tagged profiles. Interested men would bank in RM100 to RM150 into her account even before seeing her in person. After getting the money, she would disappear or make excuses for cancelling or not turning up.

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p/s dun hentam me ok… but i think its kinda cool kan… no need bother to study if u want to choose that kind of work… :slight_smile:

I will support them if pretty…no problem with that

unwanted pregnancies.STDs.AIDS.need to say more? oh yeah, karma.u reap what u sow babeh. :mrgreen:


I guess its mainly to do with expectation and job satisfaction. Most graduates work hard in those years to expect a decent job, only to land themselves with crappy ones. Well, nobody want to be prostitute out of joy. So, one word of advice…research before enrolling for a university program.

but it’s a reality+fact they can actually gain fast+lots of cash by doing those kind of “job”.

but i really curse some of them who cheated their “potential customer’s” money, by asking them to bank-in the money to their account and then in the end disappear or totally lost contact just like that.

well… this is the one who sell their body for money… got lots more who give out their body for free… i am not judging but… i do feel sorry for them

proof of our uni system’s failure…outdated courses offered in uni

Who and what should be blame for this outcome?

money come fast also go away fast in the end they have nothing left.

no problem, party like it’s 1999!

next year is 2012 we will all die anyway

no problem, party like it’s 1999!

next year is 2012 we will all die anyway[/quote]

totally agree!