You Thank You

Here is a story about two best friends in two different world. Here it goes …

There is a guy, he lived in Miri, he loves to bully people just for fun. If he meet someone that he didn’t like he smash that person. Until he met his best fren came back from Australia. His best fren is a Alim o Wise guy. His Alim friend invite him travel with him to Australia. But that gangster guy told alim guy that he can’t talk and understand English. His Alim fren told him like this “xpa nanti aku tolong ajar ko cakap English”. When they’ve arrived at Australia, both of them check-in into the same hotel. Until gangster guy said “Lapar lah jom kita pergi makan,” “Ok aku ajar ko satu perkataan. Orang kat sini kalau kata Thank You maksudnya Celaka Kau,” his alim friend replied. At the restaurant, his alim friend wanted go to toilet so he told his gangster fren to stay dun go anywhere. The gangster guy can’t stand wait any longer, he called one of the waiters for a bil. As soon as the bil been paid a waiter said “Thank you,” Guess what, what does a gangster guy replied “You Thank You” That waiter quite shock and said “Thank You”… He replied “Apa ko padah thank you, you thank you!”

His alim friend came out from toilet and asked him anything happen. He said “Tu tadi ada pelayan tu kata aku thank you aku jawab lah you thank you,” His alim fren just keep on smiling. When they’ve out from the restaurant, the greeter said “Thank you” Gangster guy replied “Thank you lagi. You thank you, you thank you and you thank you”

The next day gangster guy wanted to go out to buy something. His alim fren taught him a number in English. But he only taught him until number 7 only. With a reason it was not really important for you to know all the numbers. He said "If you want to fight someone out there, if they said I’m Sorry it means I want to fight you’

Gangster guy walked along the streets looking for his pray. But he found most of the guy are in big size, he keep on looking until he found a guy that was quite annoying to him and same size as him. He sengaja lah langgar tat guy and sid

Gangster guy : I’m Sorry!
Innocent guy : I’m Sorry Too!
Gangster guy : Ko padah ko sorry two, i’m so three
Innocent guy : Wat 4?
Gangster guy : I’m so Five
Innocent guy : Oh I’m So Sick
Gangster guy : I’m so seven!

That innocent guy run for life cuz he though that gangster guy was a Mental! When he arrived at hotel he told everything to his alim friend. He said “Bagus ko ajar aku until seven trus lari orang laki tadi ku padah one until seven” His fren just keep on smiling and smiling and whispering to himself how stupid was his fren.

wooo…local jokes…thank you=celeka kau…hehehe…