You meet a tourist and

If you were told to introduce Miri to incoming tourists in one short ‘paragraph’, what would you say?

Adventure or culture?

Adventure -> take boatride (or chartered flight) and live in the trees, see the wildlife, look at caves, enjoy the waterfalls, get eaten alive by mosquitoes…

Culture -> go around town and meet people of all races and enjoy the food, learn the talk, mix with locals, visit longhouses, enjoy tuak, and generally have a good time.

Greatly put…i add one more, must try bario rice.

That’s interesting. Can you please describe what Bario rice is like? It is somethng like Chicken rice? … A399B8EF8F

Bario Rice is regarded by the ‘Orang Ulu’ and natives as the finest and best rice from the highlands of Sarawak. It is grown on cool climates at an elevation above 1,200 metres. According to the natives, the rice is only eaten by the longhouse chief on special occasion. It is long been regarded as one of the finest rice grains of the world. It is famous for its soft texture, fine and elongated grains with mild aromas and splendid taste.

The rice is a home-grown, laboriously planted and harvested by hands using age-old traditional methods. In the planting of the Bario rice, there is no usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

It has all the attributes of organic rice with an added flavour and unique taste as a result of the cool, pristine and unpolluted environments where it is grown. It is perfect for health conscious consumers.

Bario Rice is specially air-flown out of Bario and Ba’kelalan highlands to enable the rest of Malaysians to sample the finest rice derived from the Land of the Hornbills.

In Miri, Sultana cafe (hope i got the name correct, Ladybird please help if i wrongly type) uses Bario rice.

I’ll say: It could be your future second home if you’re not here just for shoppings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna try?? Check it here - … -cafe.html (that is if u r in Miri) :smiley:

Yes, u got it right dude… :wink:

ada sesiapa tauk pakage murah ke mulu and niah national park…mauk buat trip ngan membe…

welcome to miri…buat macam rumah sendiri…have a pleasant stay in Miri…

Yeah…anyone who came to Miri must try Bario Rice. hehee…I love Bario Rice so much that I’m also married to a Kelabit…so I get to eat bario rice everyday. wakaakaaaa…

Ladybird:do more promotion on bario rice. It’s the nicest rice I’ve ever tasted. :wink:


Wah, being a Kelabit myself, I don’t really love the rice. Could be it is a bit sticky and fine… normally i mixed it with other rice (beras Kanowit). I prefers beras Kanowit more… hehehe :lol:

Hello…welcome 2 Miri…have u seen Bario rice b4?? Let’s have lunch/dinner at my friend (ValerieG) place as she’s serving Bario rice… :slight_smile:

How’s tat?? :wink: :lol: :lol:

Hello (Sori saya tidak bermaksud untuk menghalau kan kamu)…hee…ee…

Selamat Datang Ke Miri… or Welcome to Miri…

Miri has so many wonderful things to offer, which we hope will give you the experience of your life time. Saya orang Bario, tapi dilahir and dibesarkan di Miri… so I would say I’m proud to be a Mirian and glad you have chosen Miri as your holiday destination.

As for Bario Rice…sudah sampai ke Italy dah promotionnya. My cousin had twice gone there to promote the Bario Rice as well her handcraft. Sayang Australia tak dapat menerima products dari luar…he…heee kalau sik, ooh lagi hebat.

Sultana Cafe only operate in the evening…but if you wish to trying the Kelabit home cooking… there’s a cafe in town (Centre Point) next to Tian Tian cafe. They serve Nuba laya’ and the best nasi lemak too. So people do check it out…unfortunately it’s a non-halal cafe. As for Sultana Cafe… it’s Halal, so people check it out.

Hello…welcome 2 Miri…have u seen Bario rice b4?? Let’s have lunch/dinner at my friend (ValerieG) place as she’s serving Bario rice… :slight_smile:

How’s tat?? :wink: :lol: :lol:[/quote]

Can…can. Hv dinner at my place lor…but that will hv to wait. Hehee.we do potluck if you guys dont mind. I would love to have you all in my house eating the Bario Rice…hehee…got 1 big guni of it le… I’m sorry I can’t do the potluck or makan-makan right now coz both my kids are sick at the mo. I will try to arrange the makan-makan some other time, ye?! Sorry girls. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Val, wah best lah…sambil-sambil tu kita makan sambal belacan… buat ulam-ulaman…i hv belacan :lol: :mrgreen: invite all the ladies in…mesti meriah…

yeah! that’s a good idea. Wah…sambal belacan also got. Yum! Yum! I will try to arrange for it. My schedule quite tight also lately. Got a few events coming up. Anyway, no worries…if can’t make it any sooner…CNY you ladies all go to my house… :wink: