You can get free Wifi at these locations

Anyone who knows can add to the list…

  1. San Francisco Coffee, M Square
  2. Coffee Bean, Bintang Plaza
  3. Cofee Shop at Taman Yakin (Believe it!)

I remembered Al Fresco Had one too right?? Or it is not there anymore?? N/mind , I’ll check when I get home.

My house. :slight_smile: It’s free only if you belieeeve.

Curtin Sarawak Campus
Park Hotel
Parkcity Everly Hotel
Leeds (at Senadin)

Mega Hotel
Miri Air Port

Leeds (Senadin) <-----Should be Leez

Miri Airport has free Wifi? Not bad le.

my house too :slight_smile: if ur my fren muhahaha

My house ler…

Register and get free untill 31.12.2007

What happens after 31.12.2007?

u hv to pay for it??

Then it isn’t free is it? It’s just something like a beta or trial version after which you have to pay. I thought this would be more like in Perth where x number of hours is free for the month, after which will be charged.

There is no free lunch in this world ler… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: eeps…talking about lunch…i go lunch now…hahaa…(out of topic…soli!!!)

who say no free lunch in this world??

When someone is paying for our lunch… then we consider free oledi ma…betul tak… :lol:


Definitely, services can’t be given out for free. (but I agree with Smallee - lunch can be had for free.)

But when we were promised ‘free wifi broadband’ connection, I thought it meant ‘free’ as in ‘free x hours per month’ not ‘free for a while and then incurs a charge’.

Recently sifn up for Maxis 3G wifi broadband service. Free for the first month trial, and only have to continue the service i f I’m satisfied with the connection. Since the speed of connection is ok, and I got no other choice, I continued the service, and here go my first bill :cry:

Gragonfly, how’s the connection like?

Riamtech surrounding areas now can surf free wifi…mosjaya back row near the workshop can detect 2 bar…jln pinang 3-2 bar…but depends with weather…not so stabil

park city everly eh? so i could practically hang around the lobby the whole day then?

In KB WyWy Restaurant in Jalan Pandan 5.
If you happen to be there lah.