Year-end sale not ‘mega’ in Miri


MIRI: Business folk in this border resort city are missing out on millions of ringgit in potential foreign exchange from shoppers from oil-rich neighbour Brunei because there is no mega sale here at this time of the year.

There is an ongoing year-end sale but not the mega sale which psychologically attracts Bruneians by the thousands.

Businesses in Malaysia can only use the phrase mega sale during August and September.

Sarawak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Datuk Sim Hock Guan appealed to the Government to be more liberal in allowing the use of the term mega sale.

It seems that shoppers from Brunei eagerly await the mega sale. We have not received any notice (from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry) asking us to initiate any mega sales, even though this is the Christmas season and the period leading to the New Year and new school-term.

Miri is an important shopping destination. Many business sectors here stand to gain from Bruneian shoppers, but it seems that the crowd coming here now is not as big as anticipated.

We hope more mega sales can be held throughout the year.

It makes a lot of difference in terms of bringing in foreign exchange from Brunei, he said.

Previous estimates showed that the mega sale in Miri can rake in at least RM30mil in foreign exchange from Bruneians, foreigners and Malaysians working in Brunei who cross into Miri daily for shopping, entertainment, food and sight-seeing.

Local industries gain from the influx, especially the hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail outlets, car workshops and beauty parlours.

Balwant Singh, head of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry here, acknowledged that shoppers from Brunei were not as plentiful as expected.

The term mega sale indeed has a strong draw, but we cannot simply allow the term to be used because it is a gazetted name. Mega sale is held only in August and September every year, he said.

Right now, there is an ongoing year-end sale. Actually, it is the same as the mega sale because it also involves cheap sales. But it seems that the term mega sale is more well-known and attractive.

The business community must do more promotion for the year-end sale and highlight it as widely as possible as is done for the mega sale, he said. … southneast

Perhaps it isn’t the issue with how you name sales at all. Just look at the crime rate toward Bruneians that they won’t want to come here.

Safety and securtity should be tighten up…in order to attract people to come.

beside safety, please sell quality stuff…i hate buying something with low quality even with a low price…buy something worth the value not cheap!!!

Queblur, if you’ve seen Boulevard shopping complex lately, the whole place looks like a friggin indoor pasar malam.

Some of the ppl here, do not have the ‘city’ mentality. They don’t do quality, they only do quantity. Sell as much as they can, good or not never mind. Using the space as much as possible to display the things.

Totally agree with u guys, ian and nightwing. miri will never be a city if the mentality of the citizen do not change. they expect to pay peanut for a diamond. sometime diamond"S".

I think this can be witness in one event…shopping complex parking. look at boulevard shopping complex. for countless time, i was jam in the traffic going to the underground parking entrance. expect that a lot of ppl are waiting to go into the parking lot. when i go into the parking entrance, wat the F***. so many parking yet those ppl wanted to save RM1 and willing to spend more on their petrol to look for the “nearest”, “free” and “most convenient” space. what is wrong with those ppl. u are willing to waste ur petrol and cause more pollution but not willing to pay RM1 for a parking space?

somehow, it remind me of the recent PC Fair…

OMG it was the worst I saw in my life…
Getting rid of tough challengers…

[quote=“huasing”]somehow, it remind me of the recent PC Fair…

OMG it was the worst I saw in my life…
Getting rid of tough challengers…[/quote]

i don’t think the organizer do anything wrong. those ppl are the one that are destroying the ICT market because they are rich. They are willing to sell something very cheap (sometime earning a few ringgit for something worth thousand) because they are have the financial strength to do so. many computer shop are force to shut down because they could not compete with them.

this is unhealthy for the market. one day they might monopolize the market and those happy consumer will have to suffer. this had already happen in miri in some industry. Their parent company is rich enough to sell thing at near dealer price and smaller reseller will have to close down their shop.

Don’t compare miri with kl. kl market size is so much bigger that miri could not sell the product the way kl ppl sell. if miri market is similar with kl’s market, then it will be reasonable.

a monopolize market is not good for anyone except those who monopolize it. oni certain thing should be run one one company to reduce cost with volume such as electricity and water.

back to wat i post earlier, buy value not cheap. buying cheap will kill the market and one day it will kill you.

we’re already hanging on a piece of thread as we speak.

Queblur, that is what I mean actually…
if you noticed the 12 missing booths, you should have guess why isn’t that rich-shop-selling-cheap not joining.
I heard that shop came with lorries while others came with van. Sounds like he will be throwing price, and “shithole” got scared so force him out. Dunno true or not but I did heard the stories from a few people in the field.

buy value not cheap. buying cheap will kill the market and one day it will kill you.

well, it sounds like I should stop buying those China made batteries from Super Save store…hmmm :roll:

one of the organiser is my close friend. what really happen is that before the fair, that company was not invited or ban for joining the fair. so, they don’t use their company name to join but use the sister company to register for the fair with the help of some internal committee in the association. the organiser oni found out when they notice the employees who work at the booth is from that company. so they chase them out. therefore, the committee member who help them out also don’t dare to show their face during the expo. namely, the manager of ac**.

… I.T. in Miri is a farce.

Any idea why is that company or Mr.L got ban from MCA?
I heard that he is getting stock from some unauthorized KL supplier.
But he lihai oso can find so many cheap-cheap China made products.
Also, I heard from another close friend said, he is rich not becoz he sells computers and phones but doing other trade such

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