YB Dato Seri Idris Jala..Miri's Son of the Soil

What make Idris so good at what he does is partly because of who he is and the way he carries himself and partly the way he has been trained as can been seen he is bringing in to MAS disciplines that have come from Shell.

Transformation / turnarounds is a process that can be learned and can be duplicated across companies and businesses because the core issue of a business or the business of the business for every business is just about the same.

Keep on going Dato Seri Idris Jala as you are the best example to show that there is no problem too big that cannot be solved and that you need not rely on consultants or Politicians telling you what to do.

Instead its all about engaging the entire organization in a process that focuses on first understanding what constitute value and second mobilizing the organization in quest of this value.

at least now the whole malaysia can see what we Sarawakians are capable of acheiving… unlike those ‘people’ who only talk and talk,but no action and no difference… not to mention corrupt…

i agree.

It shows their own ministers / government high ranking servants not that reputable by our PM :smiley:

Since when Dato’ Sri Idris Jala become YB???

i though minister address as YB? correct me if im wrong :?:

Yang Berhormat…some are Yang Bodoh

YB Dato Idris Jala was appointed as Senator and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department without Portfolio by the YAB Dato Ser Najib Tun Razak,Mirians should be proud of him,son of the soil.

Published: Tuesday September 1, 2009 MYT 2:00:00 PM
Idris Jala sworn in as senator

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Idris Jala was sworn in as a senator in front of Dewan Negara president Datuk Wong Foon Meng at Parliament House on Tuesday.

He said his first task would be to establish what the Government has done so far in its efforts to implement Key Performance Index (KPI) initiatives.

The former chief executive officer and managing director of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) said he will work closely with his boss Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon to outline the specifics of the KPIs.

Malacca MCA liaison committee deputy secretary Lee Cheam Choon was also appointed a senator during the same ceremony.

Jala told reporters later that he was happy to be appointed a senator and clarified that he had been appointed the CEO of Pemandu (Performance Management and Delivery), which will oversees the implementation of the Governments KPIs.

He said that he is not a minister because he will report directly to Dr Koh, Minister in the Prime Ministers Department in charge of National Unity and Performance Management.

There are some confusing news reports and blogs on this which questioned why there should be two ministers.

Im not a minister reporting to another minister. There is no duplication of ministerial roles. I am reporting directly to Dr Koh who is the minister in charge of KPIs, he added.

Jala also said he would be appointed a minister without portfolio at the Prime Ministers Department; he will take his oath at the Istana Negara on Wednesday.

My responsibilities as a minister without portfolio will be assigned to me by the Prime Minister from time to time, he added.

Asked on the sudden move to bring him out of MAS and into government, Jala said he left the airline in the capable hands of his successor Tengku Azmil Zahruddin as the new managing director and chief executive officer.

Tengku Azmil had already been involved when we made carried out major decisions in MAS.

It was my job to groom him to replace me and Im convinced that Azmil will do a better job in MAS, he added.

Dr Koh, who witnessed the swearing-in ceremony, said Jala had been working with his ministry since April, and his vast corporate experience with MAS and Shell would be put to good use to enhance the performance management culture within the Government.

Jala will report directly to me and we will work closely together to enhance the performance initiatives in the Government administration.

Our jobs can be characterised as something like a corporate body – Im the chairman and Jala is the CEO and deputy chairman, he added.

Jala was appointed MAS chief executive officer and managing director in December 2005, soon after the airline suffered its biggest financial loss in its corporate history.

Prior to joining MAS, Jala had spent 23 years at Shell.

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It is disheartening to know that our members who are mirians do not know that he was appointed a Minister and being called by by names not respecting his valuebale role in our society.

Got YB in name more important or knowing his achievements more important o? If name so important, sell ass oso use YB liao lur.

A very humble down to earth individual,family man plays guitar and sing,vast knowledge,I had the opportunuity to meet him and hear his talks,full of facts and dynamic speaker,not that I am praising him but true believer that WHERE CREDIT IS DUE AND EARNED DUE RESPECT MUST BE EXTENDED,I hope my fellow mirians agree with me.

so cute lah u all ni …