Ya dig WWII games?

I feel so lonely. As if I’m a deranged WWII female fanatic that spends whatever she had left for panzer replicas. Shooting unsuspecting Nazis with K98s in the middle of the night. Directing air strike to clear the Japanese on the shores. Hitting guard’s head with a stielhandgranate. Alone.

Where are the rest of the people?! Who dig WWII games here?

And on a side note, why is that whenever I wanted to rent Xbox 360 and ask for CoD, the guys there look at me like I forgot to pull the octopus over my head? Why cant I drool over Killzone? Why must they stare? Why? Wait, dont answer that lol.

I dig WWII but mainly in the historical sense. I understand the reasons behind the occupation by the Krauts and Nips, the holocaust. The strategies used by the armies of both the allied and the axis forces. Why kamekaze did not work in the end, why the nazis stretched themselves too thin in the Eastern Front and why Germany fell in the end. I did some of the missions carried out by the allied forces and I am a big fan of WWII moveis, i.e. Where Eagles Dare, the Dirty Dozen, Kelly’s Heroes, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Tora, Tora, Tora, The Eagle Has Landed, etc.

i liked it , once, that was for the first medal of honour … then, im getting sick of it when ww2 games are getting many and many and boring … always doing the same thing, thank god there isnt any Call of Duty 5, just MW2 , i hate old guns … seriously …