Xpax turbo or burung hantu?

anyone here ever use this new celcom prepaid sim card, xpax turbo?
I heard it provides unlimited free streaming for yonder music
izzit same with the previous burung hantu sim card?

seem like its an upgrade plan or package.
But the offer or benefits do up size also.
maybe the sales or customer do request to up size their package.

i checked on their web, seem like its different sim card or packages.
wondering what is the different between this two sim card.
anyone can do the comparison?

This Turbo right,its really totally different with magic sim,
magic sim still got different packages plan to choose,
but this turbo,we only need to reload to stay active,
all the benefits will keep going.

From what i see,
This more toward normal prepaid plan, which just only need to top up to stay active,
so the benefits will keep going
If you purchase the sim thru 11street, you will enjoy 10% discount on top up all year long

but what I heard, the latest burung hantu not syok anymore!

As Xpax turbo is an upgraded plan, so i think it’s good as it provides free up to 10GB Internet Burung Hantu which is divided to 333MB per day. This is much more than enough when we use it with our fullest sense. :scream:

This turbo plan is much more convenient because
when reload from the 11street App can get 10% discount off
every reload. I think celcom will do it to another App in the future
as the subscriber can get more benefit and celcom is one step
further from other telcos.

Why not syok?
Is it because of the 333MB? A lot of surfing can be done with
the Burung Hantu and it’s worth it.

hmm, seems like this xpax turbo is better plan than the burung hantu.
haha, 10gb free internet data shall be enough for me to download drama.

i just go tru their website:
the internet free data is available from 1am to 7am.

agreed, some more the free internet data is available from 1am to 7am.
good timing for me to download drama.:smiley:

yeahhhhh just know about this xpax turbo and i saw it on TV
but what is the differences between burung hantu and xpax turbo??
the burung hantu is the package on the plan rite??

yupppp actually the internet burung hantu is now free for xpax turbo users but only 333mb per day
so, u will get 10 GB per month but with 1 condition, u have to stay active ur simcard. so, from there we can save more

what’s the benefits that we can get once we port in to xpax turbo?
because I just want to know that and rite now i’m currently using redlink
but unfortunately 4g coverage is too slow and i have to wait around half and hour to
reach what i’m search using google…

Hi, I’m now using celcom postpaid but as u know the postpaid to pay every month and usually need to queue
in the post office counter to clear up my bills… so, I guess I want to change to prepaid and my friend said that
better used umobile because RM 30, i will get 1.5gb +1 gb… but I search in the internet about umobile reviews…
can someone help me to make a decision and may I know Xpax turbo is all about?

in ur case, i’d advices u to use xpax turbo rather than umob plan
because like ur firend said that the coverage is not strong enuf
and i also use that plan before its so frustrating

the benefits that u can get from xpax turbo because xpax turbo is the one of the plan
to those who want data internet more. once u top up ur sim card, u will get 200MB high speed,
500MB free basic internet and free IBH! hhaahaha I’m looks like promoter here =’)

ouhhh okay i see so, which one is preferable??
because i already try so many telco plan in malaysia except xpax/celcom
O and Webe help me

they are almost the same but still preferable ,compare with digi and maxis plan :-1:
this plan have a diffrent which is giving u 10GB of data but the previous only 333mb / day

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