WZT *Kueh Chap* is closing end of this month!

for those Kueh Chap lovers of WZT enjoy every moment because aunty going to close at the end of this month to take care of her grandchildren. just for those Food lovers :slight_smile: relat the msg to those whom love the Kueh Chap there!

whereabout ?

I like kueh chap there… must miss kueh chap there…

ermm … where is it located? anyone ? mind pointin me to the right direction ?

opposite to the imperial mall … same row to king wood there…

awww … thanx nicloi

i ate KC there since I was 8 years old… thank for the info Kycer :roll: Good luck on your new ‘career’ aunty :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

lol…i thought ho po there is the best in miri…

hmm need to get some this weekend then …

she got grandchild?? i tot she got 1 chihuahua only… wakakaka

heard aunty talk abt it b4 but…so sooooonnnnn???can ask her for recipe b4 she closes?do u think she’ll give or not?..later everyone want to eat how???..i know the daughter won’t get involved in the business.aiyo…her daughter’s husband so rich…why not employ ppl to sell for them leh…???

the one at 2020 there is even better. u can even choose which part of the babi u want in ur kueh chap leh. if not mistaken the kopitiam name is A1. and it only opens at night.


aww man… i rmb when i was young i always eat the kueh chap there… with the mix pork soup from the 2nd stall… the one after the marudi kueh tiaw…

aww too bad… =/ my lil sister loves her kueh chap lots!!
but i still prefer ho po 1 haha… :mrgreen:

u can go and try.
if u wan kueh chap kosong with only egg also can ah.

I like the Mee kolok there more nice…