WWW 1 bid winner is Johor Sultan

Source: The Star

PETALING JAYA: The Sultan of Johor has won the tender for the much sought after car number plate WWW 1, with the highest bid of RM 520,000.

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar topped 9,999 other bidders including the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who won the number plate WWW 5.

The results of the tender are available on the Road Transport Department (JP) website.

On Thursday, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha announced that WWW 1 had set an all-time high bid.

The number surpassed the record set by “MCA 1” in 2010 which was sold for RM300,100.

The bidding for the highly-coveted vehicle registration prefix started on April 30 and ended on May 14.

During the period, thousands thronged the three Kuala Lumpur JPJ branches to place their bids for the “WWW” prefix, which is the acronym for “World Wide Web”.

PETALING JAYA: The WWW 1 vehicle registration number has set a new record as the most expensive combination to be sold in Malaysia with an all-time high bid of RM520,000.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said in a statement that the number surpassed the record set by MCA 1 in 2010, which was sold for RM300,100.

The WWW’ series had also set its own record, in that 13 of the successful bids were worth more than RM100,000 and three of them went for RM300,000 each, said Kong.

Kong said the total amount of bids received so far is more than RM64mil.

He said successful bids for the WWW series were estimated to rake in RM11.3mil, 10 times the collection received for other series.

The highest number of bids (in this series) goes to WWW 333’, which received 84 bids, said Kong.

Kong revealed that of the 10,000 numbers in the series, 4,908 numbers have received bids while the remaining 5,091 will become running numbers that will be sold to the public.

He said letters informing bidders of the results would be sent out from June 6.

The ministry and Road Transport Department (JPJ) had earlier announced that the full results of the tender would be announced yesterday.

At the Kuala Lumpur JPJ headquarters in Wangsa Maju, hopeful bidders walked away disappointed as the results were not put up on the notice board.

Kong said the full results would only be released via JPJ’s portal (www.jpj.gov.my) on Monday as the department needed more time to go through the large amount of bids an unprecedented 18,243 bids.

The bidding for the highly-coveted vehicle registration prefix started on April 30 and ended on May 14.

During the period, thousands thronged the three Kuala Lumpur JPJ branches to place bids, hoping to land the number of their choice with the WWW prefix, which is the acronym for World Wide Web.

I thought the royal people got their own special vehicle plate number?
Why have to compete with the public???

well, at least he’s bidding like everybody else - not using his power to obtain the so-called special number :slight_smile:

Imagine half a million can help to feed how many of the poor souls in the state :roll:

profit of oil & gas from Sarawak & sabah channel to malaya to feed those “King” with
Left two states with nothing…
I wounder… how much $$ alocated to those king’s families…
If accumulate all, those money can help those poor malaysian…

he is going to put the plate on Proton Preeve GTR

this is helping people or try to show off.what the fffccckkk is wrong with human nowadays.just because that stupid plate…the bidding reach half of billion rm.damn…

oh well. free loaders have all the money in the world. what can we say?

it must be just me. tell me. where did you get the half billion figure?

at least the money goes back to our bank… rather than overseas bank

JOHOR Royal Family does Not take any Money from the Government. Since the time of Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim. Feel free to ask the MB or any Government officials.

The Money allocated to My Father and I every month as a Sultan and Tunku Mahkota is put into Yayasan Iskandar and Yayasan Ibrahim. The purpose of these foundations (Yayasan Iskandar and Yayasan Ibrahim) is for the Rakyat and to assist the Johor State Government.

I my self, since the time I was the Raja Muda, Never took 1 cent from the Government till this very Day. Its my Rakyats Money. So before You Open your mouth. Do your research,
-Tengku Mahkota Tunku Ismail Idris

http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/mala … w-1-plate/

i wonder how much does plate “NAJ 113” (NAJIB) was sold?

I don’t think its wrong if his using his own money and not the rakyat’s money.Who are to ask him how to use his money.It’s his.

WWW 15 is much popular than WWW 1 :smiley:


[quote=“soundsyst64”]WWW 15 is much popular than WWW 1 :smiley:


This is so funny lol

this yang-berhormat is really really a piece of embarassing rat ■■■■…gosh if i was chua i could have kicked him out of my party… buang muka sampai luar negara…how shameful when my friends from other countries ask me any question about this www15 joke…

■■■■… can i sue him for jatuhkan my air muka?

i think the one that made the poster also duakalilima with that minister…

RM520K wo…How the hell long for us to earn such a huge amount of money? But he just simply use it JUST ONLY for his car plate. Please lah, Got money also not to spend like that lah!