[WTS]Zap Gold Acoustic Voltage Stabilizer III

-stores an electric energy all the time to provide stable & constant electrical energy whenever there is
a voltage drop across the supply when power is needed from any parts of the car.

-also can filter out electrical noise & eliminate irregular current flow in the car electrical system.

-equipped with an intelligent LED, which the LED light will change based on your car voltage…the better your car voltage reading…the faster it will change…and slowly turn into RED color when your battery is weak.

  1. we are using Non-Conductive Resin to seal, NOT silicone.
    2.Big capacitors are 25V, Small are 50V.
    3.All Connections are solder base with proper protective tube.

With its waterproof casing unit, you will need not to worry during engine washing. It will not spoil the VS.

It can be use in any car as long as your car equipped with a battery

-Combination of Performance and Sound effect
-Dont need to spend more money to get 2 units of different effect vs and it save up the space on your engine bay.

Benefits :~ (Based on Owner)

~ Stabilize Idling
~ Lesser Engine Noise
~ Improves Sound effect
~ Improves Engine Torque
~ Improves Engine Responses
~ Improves Fuel Consumption
~ Improves Headlamp Brightness
~ Quicker and Easier Engine Start

Installation Guide:EVEN [size=150]You [/size]Can Do it
Red color wire to Positive Battery terminal, Black color wire to Negative Battery terminal.

The Reasons to Buy :

  1. It tested and it proven in most of the cars included japanese, local as well as continetal cars.

  2. A very fair price offer

  3. very good reputation in Malaysia, continous support from all members are very important to us. Please Support us.

  4. The last but not least, if we love our car then we should have one of it!


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