[WTS] WECAN Shuttlecock - Compatible with RSL GOLD Grade!

[size=180][center]Welcome to Home of Badminton Lovers[/center][/size]

[center]This brand produced more than 5 different grades of shuttlecock. All the shuttlecock was going through 33 different processes to produced an excellent durability and stability shuttlecock. The materials used during the process was supervised with high level control to guarantee all the shuttlecock was able to pass the level of quality of the shuttlecock. This is why WECAN was able to popular in China Market. You can search in China search engines to review all the China badminton players comments, however for non-chinese readers you can read the comments posted from my previous customers on the 2nd post of this thread.

Therefore, this brand of shuttlecock was imported to Malaysia, so that all the badminton players was able to reduce the usage of the shuttlecock and help you to save money! Even myself also using it in every games ![/center]

[size=150]Brand : WECAN - Red ( Top Grade among WECAN shuttlecock ) ( 100% Authentic )[/size]

[size=150]Price :[/size] [size=200]RM 49 RM 48[/size] - Bulk Order Accepted

[size=150]Grade : Finest Quality - National Tournament Grade / [/size][size=150]RSL GOLD Grade[/size] [size=150]( Comments from previous sells )[/size]

[size=150]Speed : 77 ( Speed vary in different temperature )[/size]

[size=150]Materials : Top Grade Duck Feather[/size]

Flight = A
Stability = A
Durability = A ( 1 to 3 - 21 point match * Depends on player)

[size=150]Postage :[/size]
[size=120] COD[/size][size=120] within Miri Area - NO EXTRA CHARGES :smiley: [/size]
[size=120] Poslaju [/size][size=120]RM 6 within Sbh & Sarawak | RM 9 for Peninsular Malaysia[/size]

[size=150]Payments : Maybank2U or COD[/size]

[size=150]Ready Stock :[/size] [size=170]0 Tube[/size] [size=150]:!: [/size]

[size=150]Re-stock Details :[/size] [size=120]0 Tube[/size]


Please post up your comments after tested :!: ^^

Contact Method : Prefer PM or reply to thread so that I can keep track.

News [ Updated Sept 12, 2010 ]

50 tubes of WECAN Shuttlecock was arrived. ^^

Waiting List

Sells History

  1. Saf | 2 tubes | COD - 18/04/2010 | Proceed
  2. panzai | 1 tubes | COD - 27/04/2010 | Proceed
  3. Lingie | 1 tubes | COD - 05/05/2010 | Proceed
  4. esam84 | 1 tubes | COD - 05/05/2010 | Proceed
  5. CSA | 1 tubes | COD - 09/05/2010 | Proceed
  6. sanisudin | 1 tubes | COD - 11/05/2010 | Proceed
  7. NoN-MCNET member | 1 tubes | COD - 12/05/2010 | Proceed
  8. StormCool | 5 tubes | COD - 13/05/2010 | Proceed
  9. E@WyC | 1 tubes | COD - 14/05/2010 | Proceed
  10. GeminiGeek | 1 tubes | COD - 14/05/2010 | Proceed
  11. yong | 1 tubes | COD - 24/05/2010 | Proceed
  12. apexi | 1 tubes | COD - 25/05/2010 | Proceed
  13. NoN-MCNET member | 1 tubes | COD - 31/05/2010 | Proceed
  14. StormCool | 10 tubes | COD - 05/06/2010 | Proceed
  15. N/A | 1 tubes | COD - 28/06/2010 | Proceed
  16. N/A | 1 tubes | COD - 20/07/2010 | Proceed
  17. GeminiGeek | 2 tubes | COD - 23/07/2010 | Proceed
  18. StormCool | 10 tubes | COD - 29/09/2010 | Proceed
  19. StormCool | 33 tubes | COD - 10/01/2011 | Proceed

[size=150]Total Sold Units = 75 Tubes[/size]


[quote=“Saf”]Well so far, after i tried… 1 tube gone d… quite ok. Still no big diff with RSL Gold noticed… but will ask my mates see what r their comment and i’ll post again soon.

Usage wise, approximately the same as when i use RSL Gold per badminton session.[/quote]

[quote=“StormCool”]Yes, nice young man indeed for the deliver excellent service.
Taken 5 tube at a time & tested last night with satisfaction ![/quote]

[quote=“StormCool”]A positive feedback for this young man again.
Taken another 10 tubes ~ satisfaction guarantee ![/quote]

[quote=“StormCool”]Excellent shuttlecock !
Another 10 tube taken.
Great services.[/quote]

pm me ur contact no. would like to try out

PMed You !

One more tube left… I will restock as soon as possible… ^^ However, you can contact me for booking, so that I know the demand of the shuttlecock !

bro, mana tempat bole COD?

wanna cod asap. pls pm contact. thanks

PMed panzai and esam84.

Please contact me ASAP, as the shuttlecock for ready stock left 1 tube. We do first come first serve basis, so if you interested, please let me know ya ^^

Well so far, after i tried… 1 tube gone d… quite ok. Still no big diff with RSL Gold noticed… but will ask my mates see what r their comment and i’ll post again soon.

Usage wise, approximately the same as when i use RSL Gold per badminton session.

yeah… got the last tube hehe

thanks. smooth transaction… seller arrived on the dot. will comment further after i try it

thanks. please feel free to comment about the shuttlecock after you have tried ya ^^

I will try to restock soon, wait for the good news, approximately around this 2 weeks.

aiseyman…panzai overtake me…huhu…it’s ok…i just want to try it…later if got stock inform me k…

i sell to u … 1 biji rm 4 ahhahahaha

hi…when got stock let me know…i wan 1 tube try first…pls giv me ur contact…thanx…

@wiseguy58 & esam84
sorry about that, once the shuttlecock arrive, I will contact you again, if you really want it, just make a confirmation with me, I will add up your name to the Pre-Order list, so that once item arrive, I will contact you first before others took it~ ^^

I will try my best to order the stock within this 2 weeks~

poh. My shuttlecocks left less than 1 tube… >_> when u got stock

Sorry Saf, I already order the stock, but it need 1 to 2 weeks time to arrive Miri. Once it is arrive, I will PM you.

I will order more this time, since the sells was rose quite nice~ ^^

Wait for my good news ya bro~

so anymore review for this shuttle cocks? i wanted to get 1 tube to try also…please let me know when is the arrival and i shall cod with u :slight_smile:

The reviews of the shuttlecock was posted on the 2nd post now.

Once the shuttlecock arrive, I will let you know, if you dont mind, please send me your phone number thought PM for immediate contact after the shuttlecock arrive.

Thanks for the support !