WTS - Vizo WindStorm Case Fan


When it absolutely has to be cool, nothing beats the VIZO Windstorm Case Fan. With airflow levels as high as 81CFM, hot air doesn’t stand a chance. Perfect for gamers and overclockers, the VIZO Windstorm Case Fan is a no-compromise solution to overheated computer woes.

Up to 100% more air flow than standard case fan.
Double ball-bearing fans for extended life.
Custom made cable for fan R.P.M. detection.

Dimension: 92x92x38mm
Weight: 180 g
Rated Power: 15.6 W
Fan Speed: 4800 RPM10%
Air Flow: 110.5 CFM
Noise: 55 dB(A)

Brand new bought from Blvd IT at RM59.90. Too loud for customer, so decided to sell off at RM40.

Bulat can i ask where is your shop or everything is done at home…
If i am interested in that thing, do you help in installing it coz i am not a pro in handling and fixing these stuffs. TQ.

Yo Bern, no prob. i fix for fellow MC member. I am a SOHO based. You wan me to fix for u in KL also can, get me a ticket!

how much does this thing cost?

eh sorry didnt read all…got price there…hehee


can u post a pix?and btw,do u have any pentium d processor available?


this is one super strong fan.,… and loud too… last time got use… 2 days cabut off oredy… haha…

really that loud ? im intrested with it. becos im using my laptop around 10 hours a day. can i test it Bulat ??? bring to my shop if u got free.

coolman, still wanna test?

dont want lor. i tot is for laptop