[WTS] - Some nice colubrids


Some new Kingsnakes & Milksnakes.

1. Name: Mexican Black Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula nigrita) - Female
Price: RM500.00

2. Name: Vanishing Pattern Tangerine Honduran Milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) - Female juvenile
Price: RM1350.00

3. Name: Ghost Honduran Milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) - Juvenile
Price: RM850.00

4. Name: High White California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae)
Price: RM450.00

For more info, visit: http://www.thelizardslounge.com/available-snakes.php

Dealing method:
COD only, a 30 % deposit is required to avoid FFKers and impulsive joybidders. Solely based on first come first serve basis.

COD Locations:

  1. Most weekdays (1-2pm) - Uniten, Serdang Commuter Station
  2. Most weekdays (after office hours) - Ampang Jaya (near Ampang Puteri Hospital), Ampang Park and Jelatek LRT Station
  3. Some weekends - Ikano

Ampang [N3 09.610 ; E10145.246]

Basic caresheets available at: www.google.com

Contact method/details:
PM please.

Guarantee: All my animals now come with a 7 day guarantee. Buyers are entitled to a full refund should any of the animals be received in unsatisfactory condition or display any signs of illness. Rest assured that I won’t skimp on food and will continually do my best to provide the best possible living conditions for the animals before they go to their new homes.


  1. Buyers advised to be above 18 and know what you’re committing to.
  2. Please do some basic research prior to any inquiries. And be polite. =)

Payment methods accepted: