[wts] sexy mouse - gift for ur bf LOL

gift for male fren
Are your fingers itchy?
here it comes.
sexy 3D usb optical mouse

Payment Methods:
Maybank : 114440010634

Just pm your name, contact & address once you have paid.
will proceed with delivery by then

*Sorry no COD, am from KL

RM6 (West Msia)
RM8 (East Msia)

Post Berdaftar
RM3.5 (West & East Msia)

Woah … nice mouse u got there 8)

hehe yeah !! SOLD 8 mouses in other forum already.
Now left 2 ONLY.
Wanna get 1?

[size=150]left with 2 naked mouse only
act fast!

U pay today
I post tomorrow

[size=150]Feb CNY Promotion : Free postage [/size] :lol:

Come come

last pc now, grab fast

look like pregnant mouse to me :slight_smile:

hehe thanks for viewing


use to feed fish?real fish? :?: :?: :?: :?:

Yeah real sea eidolons/ sea monkeys…hit in japan now
after 48-72hrs, they will hatch fr the eggs

real?got that animal photo?

for more info, can read here in wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_monkey

wah… :shock:

but of course, a small one la… it’ll swim here n there, quite interesting
interested to get one then? :slight_smile:

–sea eidolons - sold–

Come, last pc of sexy mouse for grab

Not something I can have in my house… hahaha…