[WTS] Sennheiser PC360 G4ME Headset

Hi Guys,

I want sell my Sennheiser PC360 G4ME Headset. This unit still under warranty.[size=150] I ONLY USE 1 DAY [/size].

Reason why i want to sell?
Because I hate that seller, sell me the unit box got some overwhelming, but inside box item still in new condition. If you dont mind the box got some overwhelming, you can buy.
After i sell this unit, I will buy again same item -_- ( But this time i will tell the seller packing in VERY GOOD CONDITION ^^

I buy with Sennheiser Distribution RM1070, now i want to sell RM900. Unit warranty 2 year for international. (Still got 1year 11month+ warranty)

For more information for this item, can visit: http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/ho … ing_504122

If anyone is interested in, you can contact me.
Jeffrey Cheong

Thanks & Regards
Jeffrey Cheong



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I dont understand your reason for selling

“inside the box got something overwhelming” >>>???

you will buy the same item again???

maybe the box is not in good condition… something like torn apart or … ?

box only costs RM 2+

headphones cost RM 1000+

why buy headphones for the box?

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how exactly the ‘Bump topic’ thing work?for the 1st time i can see the ‘bump topic’ button,then after bump 1st time,i cant see it anymore.i noe there is time allowance between each bump.but i waited for days sometimes until 1 week also din appear. i guess that explains why ppl still typing ‘Bump’ to push up their topic.
do check it out yea. :slight_smile:

box only costs RM 2+

headphones cost RM 1000+

why buy headphones for the box?[/quote]

not sure bout others but people like me love to keep the box of something expensive like graphic card or the headset mentioned above.

is damage…box dun torn apart that easily while delivery unless that delivery man careless or something…