WTS SE K850i 5mp @ Box[21/11]

[size=150]More details on Well Keep Used mobile phones

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Selling following phones :o


Actual photos uploaded.

*All phones problem free unless stated.

*Can arrange to meet in Miri Area if u r interested to view,test n cod for the phone ^^

**Lynne1092 @ 019-898 1092[/size]

Used Sony Ericsson K750i Auto focus 2mp Original (Midland)Full set with box.
Price :SOLD & thx to aini by postage to KL bangsar

Sony Ericsson K850i Luminous Green 5mp Cybershot
Package includes:phone,charger,battery,512mb card, 95% outlook like new
Price:SOLD & thx to ajez by cod

Nokia N73 (guaranteed original Nokia) 3.2mp Nokia Symbian
Package includes:phone,charger,battery,2gb card, 93% like new esp on the back part
Price:SOLD by postage to Kelantan

3G 2mp black with charger only,85% outlook-rm300 (SOLD, Thanks to Aaron ^^)

3G 3.2mp cybershot bronze full set with box,256mb m2,90% oulook-rm330(SOLD, Thanks to Mrs.Sawa ^^)

3g 2mp 2.6inch large screen, White color full set with box,no m2,95% outlook-rm430 (SOLD, Thanks to jssiong (coincidence met my secondary sch fren)^^)

phone,battery and charger only. the bought ap new housing was not so fit and change back to old original one.-rm250 price revised(sold, thanks to braderz on 1 Aug 09 ^^)
2 MP, autofocus, LED flash

how old is k770i

not sure about it but i have checked the total call time in service tests…it’s about 36 hours. ^^

actual photos uploaded…please take a look…^^

k770i now market price new one ap set is just rm415…u selling at rm350? can nego till how much?

o? i thought new one is rm450? hmm…then i ll have to reduce the price of used one.

now very cheap liaw lor…even g900 is just rm720…

i used se g900 before…it’s a nice phone but i still manage to sell it at rm580…phew…

how old is w660i? any problem? the price is just the phone and charger only?

w660i no problem. my friend wants to keep the accessories for himself therefore only phone and charger. u can fully test it when viewing phone…i thk im quite a patient person…haha

oh okie… might consider getting it… still can nego till how much?

why nego?oredi cheap maaa…u should know the market price for the phone…even the used phone also have market price…hehe…

im interested in ur w910…how much is the cheapest u can give?and i need to know how new it is?and there is the m2 memory stick huh?

w910i WHITE is a hot selling phone so price can nego a bit. 8) as stated no m2 and im also waiting reply from bulat.

ei…k770i u also got sell?
RM300 can mah?

oh… then i’m interested in the w660i… also wan to check new the phone is… so it’s just the phone and charge, no box?

i like K810i…can get it cheaper?

[quote=“longeryu”]ei…k770i u also got sell?
RM300 can mah?[/quote]

u keep me waiting for the k660i few days ago at boulevard kfc… :expressionless: best price rm330

yea, no box but i can free u my personal m2 card if u interested. :slight_smile:

cheapest rm350 and free my personal m2 as well.

oh okie then…how big is the m2 card? original? if so we arrange to meet to test the phone then… cheers!

i have 2 personal m2 card…one is 256mb and another 512mb. first come first serve lo… :smiley: