WTS-Scalar Energy EMR Shield

What is EMR Scalar Energy :
The EMR Shield is a highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation by up to 90%. One of the key ingredients used is Bio Ceremies from Japan which is able to emit Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy. In addition, the Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy provide many other health beneficial properties as mentioned in the information regarding Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy

How To Use :
To enjoy the benefits of the EMR shield, just peel off and apply it on the electronic items such as your mobile phone, notebook, television and other household electrical items as per the picture below to reduce the effects of EMF Radiation. To ensure the durability of the EMR shield, ensure that the surface of the electronic or electrical product is clean and dry.

Item : Scalar Energy EMR Shields
Age Of Item : NEW
Price : Rm30 pcs (If buy more can give special discount)
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