WTS Samsung Galaxy Note - CLOSED

Used Samsung Galaxy Note for sell.
Used around 1 month +
Included all original accessories + zenus pouch + diamond screen protector.
Willing to let go at RM 1450 Nett COD in Miri, Sarawak.
Interested plz SMS me at 019-8790001 Mr. Tang.
10 Months + samsung warranty and 3 months TTArt Warranty.
Please refer picture.

WTS Samsung Galaxy Note? Samsung Galaxy Nexus? lol


Wow…your price is high o…ap set selling 1680…just for reference…

1.3k i wan o ^^

Nowday no body want to care its original or ap set.

Yup…agreed…as long as put sim card can use…@@

the most important is cheap…

RM 1500 lowest price…

ttetech selling new only for 1669…you can check his post…no hard feelings…

Bro what is the lowest price that you are willing to let go? I am quite keen in this, but as of now i am still in Peninsular, will only be back in Miri during first week of May. Please do PM me your best offer, because the price RM1650 is just too expensive. Thanks dude.