WTS Samsung galaxy ace white~

last last pricerm450 nettstill got 10 month plus warranty~never use after bough it~~

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second hand means half price, market price now rm 500 something only. so rm250. best price.hahha

wahaha!! so you buy iphone 5 for rm2299… Sell 2nd only for rm1150 only la!!! lame! price is depend on quality too dude! dont just think it’s 2nd hand!

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don bother abt the quality, jus think it is second hand.

galaxy ace for rm250… without cover,screen problem,battery dead,sim card not funtion… u want?? don bother abt the quality? u’re funny enough!

ofcz hav to see the condition too k, dn be tat moron can? why dont u think that second hand hp to sell even more expensive? plz la…hmmm… be a clever buyer … like tis let say i sell u a car, bought rm100000 then i sell u rm9999 after i used for 2 years?

haha… i think u’re the one moron… if all people sell half price for 2nd… then u ask ppl sell house to u for half price la… please la… use brain la! aiyoh… don’t take other thing to compare! listen listen listen!

deadly virus,really thanks for ur free bump n help~ ^^