[WTS] RM50 Casio Portable LCD TV

[size=150]Casio Portable TV.

Watch TV on the go!

Uses ordinary AA batteries.

RM50 only. 100% working condition. Looks quite new as well.

Interested please PM me or post here.

Thank you.[/size]


bump… anyone? :slight_smile:

bump again…tq

bump for this one

Hi interested in the portable tv, is it still available? does it have a mini jack AV input?

yes still available… but nope sorry it does not have the mini jack av input…

if interested please pm me

bump, price nego-able!

how big the memory card can support, mini sd card? got usb or hdmi port? im interested

How old is the item…?

How to contact you?

hello, is it still available?