[WTS] Repair/Troubleshoot services for iPhones

Hello there MCnet ,

Have a cracked screen on your iPhone? Speaker/Mic not working? Water-damaged? Battery replacement? Home button replacement? Fear not, Shoot me a PM and i’ll get back to you shortly on pricing and details :slight_smile:

Repairs should take a few hours at most if parts are on-hand :slight_smile: . Else i’ll have to order it, within 2 days :mrgreen:

Jailbreaking/troubleshooting software issues ? Contact me too! :mrgreen: . There’s no Jailbreak yet for iOS7.

You may contact me VIA PM here, SMS or WhatsAPP : zero one six - 5790805 .

Please SMS/Whatsapp/ if I don’t answer, I may be busy / in class.

Reason for doing this : As a side-income

Comments from buyers are much appreciated in order to boost trust in my small business :oops:

Do not hesitate to PM / SMS me anytime . Will try to reply asap.

good luck to ur business there

Thanks, will need it based on the lack of feedback. LOL

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i just need an unlock for my phone.can u unlock iphone 4 with baseband 2.10.4?ios 4.1
ill be coming back home this july.easier if i can use the phone at home.thanks

yeah sure, i can help u unlock easily . :slight_smile:

ok nice. looking forward to it.
are u making ur own unlock or from the iphone dev team?

most probably everything he uses is either iphone dev team or geohot. I doubt anyone has the time and the resources like Musclenerd i0n1c or any other iphone exploiters to make a jb free for the public

i’m using the ones available on the web :slight_smile: , u can do it yourself if u want , its actually pretty easy, i’m just offering this service for those who are not computer-savvy and afraid of the risk of spoiling their phone whatsoever . :mrgreen:

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how much r u charging for modding psp?
Model. psp2002.
and what firmware will u be providing? for a 2002 model of course… :smiley:

Hello berngo :slight_smile:

for PSP , i will be charging a flat rate of RM 20 per psp .

I will be providing custom firmware 6.20 , depending on what version your psp is now, i’m assuming its not ‘cracked’ yet , so , unless u updated to the latest firmware , it can be cracked .

cheers :slight_smile:

thankz. But mine have been cracked… well 3 yrs ago n never updated bought it just for final fantasy tat time… Have not been playing with it for a while. N not sure wat fimrware its running on now. Will get to you once i make up my mind. N yes 20 is the best price i hear so far. Will consider looking for u then. :slight_smile:

Ipad can jaibreak?

Yup, ipad can be jailbroken :slight_smile:

Depending what version u are on as well :slight_smile:

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Every version can jailbreak right now. Except for ipad 2