(WTS) 现货(ready stock)!全场RM20-35

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http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … 595&type=3

This coming Soon~~ Stock will arrive at next week ~~
Can oder 1st…
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … 595&type=3


West Msia
1-3 PCS - RM10
more then 3 pcs = Free postage

East Msia
1-3PCS - RM7
More then 3 pcs = Free Postage

Miri friend’s can face to face trade/
No postage Needed
Location at<IMPERIAL MALL()>Only ~~

Maybank Acc 1611-275-93956
CIMB bank : 1117-0009-643521
Name : Chai Min Hin

Contact Num: 016-878-1235 (chai)
E-mail : Abipro@live.com

How to make order?
you can Directly SmS me and E-mail me


Terms & Conditions
All goods sold are not returnable .

Deposit payments are not refundable should you need to cancel an order.

If out of stock but paid will refund full money back to customer

Do confirm the price with us before buying.




Location at<IMPERIAL MALL()>Only

Is it inside of imperial mall?what is the name for the shop?