[WTS] Razor Lycosa

Razor Lycosa for sale (keyboard only)
Model: RZ03-00180100
sale for rm150

price negotiable? pm me ur best price. used for how long already?

[quote=“BlackMachiato”]Razor Lycosa for sale (keyboard only)

sale for rm150[/quote]

hey, please sms me. im interested in this. 019-864-6363, Leslie.

-double post-

not mirror edition right?

i don’t think it is mirror edition from the pictures. the normal one i guess. =D

please check your inbox.

how long already did u use it??

pm me ur hp number… lets deal

I will take for RM 160
PM me if still available.

[quote=“david33”]I will take for RM 160
PM me if still available.[/quote]

still available.

i only use for 3 months, after keep hide inside my cabinet for quite long time.

can u make it below rm210??

Please pm me your number or your email. Interested here!

is this still available for sale?

can you reply to my phone number or email me, Im interested to buy. 0198417711. email= sportage_united@hotmail.com