[wts] pvc figurines

Item(s): ALTER NON-SCALE CHUA CHURAM from Chu X Chu Idol

Package includes: figurine >_>

Price: 299.99, Nego?

Item(s):Max Factory 1/8 Fauna from MegaChu!

Package includes: Figurine >_>

Price:199.99, Nego?

Warranty: Nil

Dealing method: Pos, and COD

Location: Miri Sarawak

Contact method/details: PM me

Item(s) conditions: BIB

Reason for sale: Cospa! Poison.

Nowonder you looking for glossy top coat…
isit for it? lol…
wish you good luck on ur sales!

oh man…r u really gonna do this?

Top coat for gundam. And just found one XD

And yes, Really sad. I am running out of money, I need money for COSPA! merchandise.

instead of top coat, could a clear acrylic paint used as an substitute? I done that before.

Where will the COSPA held?

THERE IS COSPA IN MIR? O.O that’s surprising