[WTS] PSP (Fat Version) SOLD

i’m selling my psp.
just pass me your hard disk, i can give you all the games i got in my hard disk (roughly 70-80 games).

colour : piano black
SD memory card : Sony 4GB
condition : good.
contact no. : 0168695285 / 0145916166
reason of selling : i very seldom play with it, because normally i’m busy with my work.
price : RM 430 only. (including a charger, 1 new pouch which i never use it before, n an original pouch)

first come, first serve. thx.

Erm, may i ask which version is it? =)

firm ware 5.5. the version is i don’t know how to differentiate… lol…

SOLD. thx to MC NET.