[WTS] Premium Transloader, RS/MU/HF/FS/etc 59 Sites!



What is Nanoleech all about?
Nanoleech is a service based off Rapidleech script. We utilize a method called “transloading”, which simply means transfer of files from File Hosting Servers to Our server, and then delivering it to you (For an illustration, please refer below).

File Hosting Server
-> Our Server -> Your Computer
Fileserve Server -> Nanoleech Server -> Your Computer

What are the benefits of using Nanoleech?
We provide alternative to buying multiple premium accounts, as well as provide better speeds when retrieving the files. In other words, you get to enjoy more featured pack file transfer compared to purchasing premium accounts directly from the File Hosts.

What are the list of File Hosts supported?
Please refer below for the latest list of File Hosts supported.

What is Rapidleech?
It’s a PHP script, that was implement create a possibility to transload files without downloading any programs. To find out more, please google Rapidleech.

How do I subscribe?
All you have to do is Private Message me, and I’ll provide you with the billing information. After payment is made, your account will be manually created and an activation email will be sent.

You only need a browser and internet connectivity. We do not require you to have any premium accounts.

.::Terms of Service::.[list]
[]99% Uptime Guarantee. For less than 99% uptime, we will provide extra days. This does not count include scheduled maintenance.[/]
[]24 Hours Maximum Setup[/]
[]We do not guarantee that all the plugins will work and is provided as it is. No credits will be given when a specific plugin fails, unless the main plugins fail. We do provide support and take the effort to fix them.[/]
[]You are strictly not allowed to share your account. This applies to all accounts. Sharing means, providing information of username and password to a 3rd Party which is unknown by Nanoleech. Accounts found violating this rule will be suspended or terminated.[/]
[]Files stored on the server are not the responsibility of the Administrators. Any files reported by the authority for copyright infringement will result in account termination.[/]
[]You are not allowed to publish ANY of the files on the server. We do not provide File Hosting services. Sharing file links are a form of publishing and will result of account suspension if caught.[/]
[]Speeds from File Hosts to Nanoleech servers are provided at best effort basis. Best effort is considered to provide reasonable speed transload.[/]
[]Speeds from Server to Your Computer are provided at best effort basis. You may or may not receive full speed depending on the quality of your Internet Connection.[/]
[]All of our services are in the form of virtual products.[/]
[]24 Hours Money Back Guarantee. This only applies if your account has not exceeded more than 5 GB of Bandwidth Usage within the 24 hours. If you are not happy with the service you will be paid back 100% of your money without any question asked. Promotional packages are not applicable for money back guarantee.[/]
[] Running more than the stated connections (8 at maximum) to the server may be considered as ‘hammering’ the server. We do not tolerate such behaviour and should this continued, a termination of account will take place.[/]
[]We do not support File Mirror/Remote Uploading. Any any form of such uses will result account termination.[/]
[]We do not support File Compression on our servers. RAR-ing and ZIP-ing files are strictly prohibited. Such usage will result account suspension or termination. **We allow all kinds of file formats to be downloaded including compressed files, but we do not allow the usage of compressing files on the server.[/][/list].::Subscription Packages::.

Standard Packages

[i]Storage Space: 20 GB
Bandwidth: Unmetred

Monthly - RM 30
Quaterly - RM 60
Semi-Annually - RM 108
Annually - RM 204
- Additional Storage Available.

Method of Payment
Maybank, M2U, CIMB, Paypal (USD)

How to Buy?
PM me for further instructions OR email me at salesnanoleech [at] gmail.com

.::Supported File Hosts::.

Main Plugins
Fileserve.com, Megaupload.com, Hotfile.com[b]

Sub Plugins
[/b]Rapidshare.com, Upload.com, Filesonic.com, Filefactory.com, Depositfiles.com, Megashares.com
Netload.in, Mediafire.com, Sharecash.org, Filesend.net, Ugotfile.com
Megavideo.com, Duckload.com, Share-Online.biz, SendSpace.com, Letitbit.com
Zippyshare.com, Unibytes.com, Slingfile.com, Filefrog.to, videoBB.com
ZShare.com, Filesmonster.com, 4Shared.com, x7.to, Share.cx
Hellshare.com, Furk.net, Uploadbox.com, Uploaded.to, dl.free.fr
Easy-Share.com, Turbobit.net, Cramit.in, 2Shared.com
Madshare.com, Sharebase.to, Extabit.com, Vip-file.com
Freakshare.com, Filebase.to, Badongo.com, Enterupload.com
Batubia.com, Vidxden.com, Bitshare.com, Shareflare.net, Keepfile.com
Usershare.net, Gigasize.com, Simpleupload.net, Shragle.com, Filestab.com, Uploadspace.pl

Total Plugins to Date: 57

* All plugins are allocated with Premium Accounts, unless otherwise stated
** Sub plugins simply means they are not often used, and may not always work. We however, do provide support for them if it does not work. Should a plugin fail, it may take more than 24 hours to be fixed.

[b].::Frequenty Asked Questions (F.A.Q)::.

What is Transloading?
[/b]Transloading is the process of transfering files from one server to another before it the file is delivered to you.

What is a Seedbox?
Seedboxes are servers with Torrenting software. We do not offer such services.

What is Remote Uploading?
Remote Uploading is a form of uploading files remotely without the need of the need of you to upload the files from your computer. This is usually used to mirror files.[b]

What is Concurrent/Simultaneous Connection?
[/b]Concurrent connection simply means using more than a connection to download your files. This is usually used in Download Managers to utilize the maximum potential of downloading.

Is storage reusable?
The storage space given are alloted spaces on our server for you. You may use them in either ways, this includes, storing and deleting. So yes, the space are reusable if only you remove some files.

Can I share file links?
Please refer to our T.O.S. We do not allow links to be publicly published. This includes sharing.

Define Unmetred
Unmetred and Unlimited are similar, but not the same. Unmetred means you are not limited to know how much bandwidth you can use. Unlimited means you do not have a bandwidth limitation, which is practically impossible.

What is Rapidshare 5GB Limitation about?
Since we have a lot of Rapidshare traffic, we currently do not limit Rapidshare traffic. This policy might change if Rapidshare’s policy changes.