[WTS] Pre-order DSLR lens filters, extension tube & etc

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46 mm RM 32
52 mm RM 32
55 mm RM 39
58 mm RM 42
62 mm RM 45
67 mm RM 45
72 mm RM 50
77 mm RM 50

Digital Circular Polarising Lens (CPL) Filter
46 mm RM 56
52 mm RM 56
55 mm RM 60
58 mm RM 60
62 mm RM 68
67 mm RM 68
72 mm RM 77
77 mm RM 82

Neutral Density 8 Filter
46 mm RM 50
52 mm RM 53
55 mm RM 53
58 mm RM 55
62 mm RM 60
67 mm RM 60
72 mm RM 66
77 mm RM 66

RM39 per unit

[i]This brand new Macro Extension Tube Set includes 3 extension tubes - 9mm, 16mm, 30mm adapters and a male & female adapter. You may mount the tubes between lens and camera body to get your choice of macro ranges. There are totally 8 combinations.

Available in Canon/Nikon Mount: Fit for all Lens and DSLR Body.

This extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside.

Made of metal, not plastic

We also bring in 3rd part lens hoods for Canon & Nikkor lenses. Visit our Fan Page for the details.

This is just a metal tube without any optical element and electrical contact chip, thus AF function of your lens is not able to function. You can only use MF.

Due to the same reason, aperture is not adjustable and will be working in maximal aperture (f/0) as well.[/i]

[size=150]NOTE:[/size] We do not stock these items. You need to pre-order them. The pre-order closing date is at [size=150]31/09/2011[/size].

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