[WTS] Photofast CR-5400 MS ProDuo Adapter,32GB for PSP

Item(s): Photofast CR-5400 MS ProDuo Adapter

Package includes: Photofast CR-5400 MS ProDuo Adapter (5 units left)

Converts up to 2 MicroSD/MicroSDHC cards to one Memory Stick Pro Duo
Compatible with PSP Slim & Fat
Capacity up to 16GB x 2
Cheaper alternative to Memory Stick Pro Duo
Imported from Japan
Made in Taiwan

Price: RM 75.00 COD / RM 80.00 PosLaju (Firm)

Warranty:1 month

Dealing method: COD / POSTAGE

Location of seller: KK, Sabah

Contact method/details: PM

Age of item: Spanking Brand New

Item(s) conditions: Perfect

I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Kingston 8GB MicroSD Class 4 retailed at RM 65.00 in C-Zone,LowYat
Arithmetics for a 16GB MSPD: 65 + 65 + 75 = RM 205.00
Arithmetics for a 32GB MSPD: unknown (not available at the moment)




Tested with my old 2GB ciplak MSPD

Tested with 2 x 8GB Kingston MicroSD Class 4 (running in Raid 0 mode)
I get total of 15.3GB after formatted

Reason for sale: Extra units.

To tell you the truth i was amazed by the quality and overall result of this adapter, I am using a 16GB cards now on my PSP’s and they work great.

  • Tested with BalckSpeed on PSP and Write/Read was around 7MB/15MB but on memory ready it was slower, Around 4MB/10MB but if for PSP its very good speed with no hangs in games.
  • Total size after format in PSP is 15.3GB which is very good to store many games,musics,photos,videos…etc
  • 3 IN 1 deal, You can use it with (PSP,Digital Camera,Phone)
    Didnt try over 16GB though, I will wait until prices drop a little