(WTS) Petronas M-Oil

Hello fellow mcnet members. I am currently selling a full range of Petronas Syntium Lubricants from mineral based to fully synthetic ones. Feel free to contact me for any enquiries. Our products are genuine as we are the distributor for Snytium and Urania.

cheaper than market?

yea. cheaper. :smiley:

how much is ur cheap?

gran. i pmed u.

pm me how cheaper than market…petronas 800 15w-50 hw much…

state ur all item pricelist as well…tq…

pm replied.

PM me all items price lists u got to me as well!thks!

pm replied.

got m oil for 4x4 ?

u mean for diesel engines?

ya… who is selling cat m oil?

cat m oil?

Petronas Diesel M Oil is under Urania Brand…

Caterpillar brand i guess… i heard is very good… anyone knows?

yes. we are the official distributor for Urania.

cn pm me the list price of the oil??


pm replied.

Caterpillar not producing M-oil in Malaysia, this OEM is trade under Tractor Malaysia, Tractor Malaysia is using Petronas factory filled M-oil

10w-30 or 5w40… can pm me what you have this 2 oil? semi