[WTS] Nikon D5000 (Price uploaded)


so u are selling d500 or d5000? i am confused. title is d5000, thread is d500

ps. is d5000


http://www.lelong.com.my/Auc/List/2007- … ng-Kit.htm

selling rm2400

I bought mine few days ago. Rm2290 with kit lens and 8GB at low yat.

RM2400 i willing to letting go.


anyone? bump~

why you want to sell it?

yeah why want to sell? You cant really sell at 2.4k now, 2k maybe la. Newer model from canon just out, price very competitive.

550D? 18-135mm RM3888 i know. Wanna change camera so i sell lo.

what’s next? Nikon still? Why and what make you decide to change?

3888 is rrp, can get around 3.5k i guess.



as i know your d5000 still in tip top condition wor…rm2400 quite worth…

inspire, this is your chance. haha :smiley:

-.- walao…no money nia,if got i strike lor…