[WTS] NEW Goodnite Pillows

  1. Goodnite Contoured Memofoam Pillow-RM 200 each ( Original RM 388 )

    • Long-lasting high density contoured foam pillow.
    • Aligns neck and spine for better quality sleep.
    • Sanitised against bacteria and fungus.
  2. Goodnite Intentic Soft Latex Pillow-RM 200 each ( Original RM 388 )
    *100% Natural Latex.

    • Imported Body-Static Free Fabric Cover.

Personal Warranty: None.
Factory warranty: 10 years. ( Sorry i not sure can claim or not cause i do not have the bill ) :lol:

The picture show the pillow is RM388. Thank you.

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What is the best price you can give for item no.1? Might get 1 if price is good, pm me pls… thanks

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how claim if smthng wrong ??? thanks…