[WTS] New clothes for SALE

[size=200] Second Batch of New clothes is here. REDUCED TO RM20!! ALL! :slight_smile: [/size]

[size=150]Policy and How to Order[/size]
[size=150]Policies ( T & C)[/size]

  • Serious buyer only
  • Prices are non-negotiable. (However, discount will be given with T&C apply)
  • Item’s price DO NOT include shipping or postage cost.
    *Any loses or damage due to postage is not our concern.
    *Real goods might have some color different from what you see here.
    *100% payment has to be made once confirmed.
    *Item will be reserved for ONE day only.
    *No Returns/ refunds/ exchange.
    *Clothes will be send if the payment is fully done.
    *Money will be refund if it is out of stock.

*COD at Boulevard and Senadin area in MIRI (a refundable deposit of RM10 is required to avoid ffk)
*CIMB bank

Send us the item number via email or leave a message to us at the cbox on the right side.
We will get back to you as soon as possible for banking details.
After bank-in of payment, please send us the following details to our email . weloveshoppings@hotmail.com
1.) Item number
2.) Real name
3.) Hp number
4.) Address
5.) Proof of payment or payment reference number
6.) Time and date of payment (as stated in the bank-in slip)

Shoulder : 15cm Length :25cm Bust: 20cm-32cm (streactable)
Colour Available : Red and White colour of the dotes

Length : 27cm Bust: 30cm (streactable)
Colour Available : Red, Blue, Green

Length () :82CM Bust () :86-110CM
Colour : white

Length ():72cmBust ():88CM (Within)()
Colour : red

Shoulder : 12cm Length: 22cm Bust: 34cm Sleeve Length : 10cm
Colour available:Grey, White, milk, black

Length():61CMBust() :66CM-84CM (Within) () (stretchable )
Colour available : blue

Shoulder: 13cm Length: 26cm Bust :36cm Sleeve Length: 16cm
Colour available :white

Shoulder:13cm Length: 26cm Bust:38cm Sleeve length: 8cm
Colour available: white, milk, purple, grey, black

Shoulder :20cm Length:29cm Bust :40cm Sleeve Length: 4cm
colour available: pink, red, blue,grey (Star Colour)

Shoulder: 14cm Length: 28cm Bust:36cm Sleeve Length: 8cm
Colour available: black

Length: 20cm Bust :28cm
Colour available: white and black

Shoulder :19cm Length: 30cm Bust :36cm Sleeve Length: 9cm
Colour available: white

Length: 34cm Bust :40cm Sleeve Length: 10cm
Colour available: white, pink, green, grey

Shoulder: 19cm Length: 30cm Bust 42cm
Colour available: pink, grey,blue,white
add RM10 for the belt

Shoulder: 20cm Length: 29cm Bust 44cm
Colour available: red

Shoulder : 18cm Length: 30cm Bust : 38cm
Colour available: Black, red, brown

Shoulder: 16cm Length:28cm Bust :36cm Sleeve Length :12cm
Colour available: blue and green

Length: 27cm Bust : 26cm and above Singlet-Length :31cm Bust : 38cm
Colour available: Black white

Soulder: 15cm Length: 31cm bust: 40cm sleeve length: 8cm
Colour available: purple, gold

Length: 26cm bust : freesize singlet- shoulder: 16cm, length: 20cm
Colour available: blue, black, purple, pink

Length: 30cm Bust: 32cm sleeve length: 7cm
Colour available: pink, red, purple, blue, green

[attachment=9]IMG_6869.JPG[/attachment][attachment=8]IMG_6870.JPG[/attachment]6806(With belt)
Shoulder: 20cm length: 29am bust : 36cm sleeve length: 10cm
Colour availble: red, blue and purple

Shoulder:13cm Length: 34cm Bust : 42cm Sleeve Length: 10cm
Colour available: pink, orange , blue and brown

Length: 26cm Bust : 28cm (strectable)
Colour available: white,black

Length: 29cm Bust : 40cm Sleeve Length: 15cm
Colour available: yellow, milk, peach, black , purple

Shoulder () :37CMBust () :84CM-90CMLength () :43CMSleeve Length () :55CM
Colour available : black

Length of pant ()85CM
Length of skirt ()35CMWaist()free size()
Colour available : black

Any Inquiries,
Please Call 019-864-6363,Leslie =D[/size]

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