[WTS]MSI Neo3-V 865PE LGA775 With AGP8x & DDR400 4PCI Slots

1. Intel Pentium 4 631 HT 3.0Ghz LGA775 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache
2. MSI Neo3-V 865PE LGA775 AGP8X DDR400 4PCI Slot
3. HIS ATI Radeon X1300 IceQ Turbo AGP (600MHz Core Clock, 800MHz Memory Clock with HIS IceQ Fan)
4. Cooler Master Aerogate 1 Fan Speed Controller
5. Kingston KVR400X64C3A X2 (one Single Side with Hynix D43 Chipset, another one Double Side)

Package includes:
1. Full Package Processor with Original HSF, Box and even an Unuse Sticker is still attached
2. Full Package Mainboard with I/O Panel, IDE Cable, FDD Cable, Cd Driver, User Manual and Box
3. Full Package Graphic Card with CD Driver, HIS Bonus DVD Original Dungeon Siege Game and Cyberlink Solution 4, S-Video Cable, S-Video to Composite Cable, VGA to DVI Convertor, HSF PCI Panel and User Manual
4. Full Package The Aerogate with Extension Cable for Fans X4, 4-pin Extension Cable, Acessories Pack, User Manual
5. Hynix Chip Single with Box and Manual, another one just the Ram itself

2. RM 120

Warranty: Personal Warranty 5 Days without covering Physical Damage or Overclocking Failure

Dealing method: Cash on Delivery, Around Maybank Pelita Garden or Post, Buyer Pay

Location of seller: Pelita Garden

Contact method/details: PM or Call 012-8755919

Item(s) conditions: Superb and Excellent

Item (1) [attachment=16]P1010259.JPG[/attachment][attachment=15]P1010260.JPG[/attachment][attachment=14]P1010261.JPG[/attachment]
Item (2) [attachment=7]P1010281.JPG[/attachment][attachment=6]P1010283.JPG[/attachment][attachment=5]P1010286.JPG[/attachment]
Item (3) [attachment=13]P1010264.JPG[/attachment][attachment=12]P1010265.JPG[/attachment][attachment=11]P1010266.JPG[/attachment][attachment=10]P1010267.JPG[/attachment][attachment=9]P1010268.JPG[/attachment][attachment=8]P1010269.JPG[/attachment]
Item (4) [attachment=18]P1010256.JPG[/attachment][attachment=17]P1010257.JPG[/attachment]
Item (5) [attachment=4]P1010439.JPG[/attachment][attachment=3]P1010442.JPG[/attachment][attachment=2]P1010443.JPG[/attachment][attachment=1]P1010446.JPG[/attachment][attachment=0]P1010449.JPG[/attachment]

Reason for sale: Economy goes down, Ang Pow also Goes Down so…No Money :cry:

dude, item 3 can runding ar?

bro, that is the best price already :slight_smile:

Item 4 is 3.5" or 5.25" bay?

its 5.25" bay :slight_smile:

all is second hand?

yes bro