[WTS] Monopoly Deal Card Game

Sell & Supply : Monopoly Card Deal.
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Games For :2~5 Players
Game Period: 15-20 minutes

MONOPOLY DEAL is a fast-paced, totally addictive card game that you can play in minutes!
Deal and steal your way to success - just collect 3 property sets to win.
Sounds easy…?? :hmm: but beware the dreaded Debt Collectors :evil: and Deal Breakers :cry: ,
which can flip your fortunes in the play of a card! :roll: :stars:
Fast-dealing, card-stealing fun for family and friends!
Includes 110 Deal Cards and instructions.

If you ever played the traditional Monopoly Game (with dices and a piece of paper, build houses/hotels),
then you’ll definitely found this new Monopoly Card Deal Game interesting and fun, more than before!

Here i list down some sites that teaches the setup and rules of playing:
1.Hasbro Monopoly Deal Card Game intro<<< CLICK
2.Some rules <<< CLICK
3.How to play <<<CLICK

Also, some of the Cards in Game :
Properties Cards

Money Cards

Action Cards

An online Demo :
Online Demo <<< CLICK

Selling Price
1 Deck : RM13/Deck
3 Decks : RM12/Deck
5 Decks : RM11/Deck
6/Above Decks: RM10/Deck


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Public Bank : 4-405-212-218
Wong Chih Wan

0168764899 - Jacky
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Anyone who ever played this game before, Feel Free to Drop your comments here~ :smiley: :mrgreen: