[WTS] Mission M31i Bookshelf speakers

Hi I want to sell my Mission M31i Bookshelves speakers
Drivers are in very good condition and the speakers are also as new.

It was brought once under warranty because of a connection problem, but I suspect the shop didn’t repair it properly… it encountered another connection problem after the warranty. I don’t think the problem is big but I don’t expect a good repair service from the original shop (the only Hi-Fi shop in Miri…) and I don’t know how to repair myself.
Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t… i suspect a connection issue in the cables or the crossover.
I have since replaced them by my Mission M30 that I bought at the same time.

Bought RM 900 in February 2010, selling RM 350. A bargain for who knows how to fix it.
Will also exchange for an old pair of (branded) speakers in good condition (old JBL or equivalent)

Interested? PM me or sms to 0196603834


nice… Is this version Made in England/UK version or somewhere else?

Older version (black color) made in England/UK they say.

hi, the box and speakers indicate “designed and engineered in England” , this is the cherry model though like on the picture.
They sound really good and bassy (when there is no wiring issue that is…) for their size, even my m30 that are really smaller have a good amount of bass, but the difference is really noticeable between the two.


Bump ! Nego of course and can exchange… just propose something. They are in perfect condition for who knows about trouble shooting.


I am kind of interested but I worry about the fault that you mentioned. I have a similar problem with my Tannoy 609 and it turns out the driver unit is faulty and cannot be repaired, require driver replacement - very expensive and the sound was not balance after replace. They said need to replace the other side to make it balance! Double expensive!
So I’m still thinking whether want to take risk to buy your mission or not. Give me some more time to think over it.

Hi, honnestly, if you have the possibility to check it to see if it is a wiring or a driver fault before buying we can test it together, i just dont know who can do it. for me considering the sound is on and off and sometimes removing and reconnecting the wires make it better i suspect a wiring issue inside the speakers but i dont know how a faulty driver would react.

BUmp for today! Anyone interested propose your price or have something to exchange can also propose!

SOLD ! Thanks a lot to my buyer