[WTS] Manchester United Jersey!

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New Manchester United Jersey for SALE!
(Tshirt and short)

[size=150]Back Ordered![/size]

Please see the attachment.

Location: Bintang Jaya, Miri.
COD, CDM, ATM Transfer, Bank Transfer.
Get yourself, or free delivery around Miri region.

Old Price RM89.00
[size=150]Price NOW RM55.00 ONLY!(Back ordered)[/size]

Contact me via PM reply to this thread.

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p/s: Ask for discount?

still got extra short for sale? =)

I only sell in whole set… :slight_smile:

isit original??i thought it will cost more than rm100…do u have anymore MU merchandise??

Original will cost you RM289 to be exact.
I only have this at the moment.
The different between this sets and the original is only the serial number. :wink:

Bring Up My Post :slight_smile:

Bring Up My Post :slight_smile:

Bring up my post.

I having a clearance sales here… 50% discount!

No away jersey? The black colour version? The price RM44.50 including the shorts?

No away jersey…
Just home…
Yes, including shorts…
Quick, this is clearance sales… :smiley:


only interested in the shorts…=)

Get the jersey you got the short… :wink:

1 pcs remaining.
Grab it quick. :slight_smile: