[WTS] Logitech G27 - PICS Updated

I’m selling my Logitech G27 , bought from StratOS on 25th march this year. Receipt will be provided
Remaining warranty can be claimed via Stratos :slight_smile:

[size=150]–New Year Sale-- RM 650 WITH Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) [/size]

Condition of the wheel and accessories is mint . Nothing broken / cracked . Wheel leather is still perfect .
Pedals are still perfect, no potentiometer problems

What’s included :

The wheel itself, Pedals , Shifter , Manual , Installation CD for PC .

Contact me Via Whatsapp / SMS - 0165790805 ( Darren )

Pictures :



Bump! Negotiable

450 I take

sorry, at RM 450, i’d rather keep it.

Best to get something that fits ur budget , like the driving force gt :slight_smile:

Gime ur bestest price

do u use racing seat to play gt5 ?

I mounted it on my desk to play . Wanted to get the race seat but I’m thankful I didn’t , no time to play .


u selling ur gt5? how much? which GT5 is it? 1st version?

sorry for late reply, yes its first copy .

Hopefully to sell it together, as its meant to be played with a wheel :slight_smile:

Bump! negotiable if ur interested :slight_smile: . Shoot me a reasonable offer and we’ll negotiate from there. :mrgreen: .






Sell to me 500 ma…

600 is my best offer without GT5.

if i had the cash bro i’ll definitely get it. really good price!