[WTS] Lexee Sanitary Napkins (Active Oxygen & Negative Ion)



  • Redlife Lexee Active Oxygen & Negative Ion Sanitary Napkins are packed with alumunium foil.
  • The packing process dispenses with human contact. Both these precautions effectively remove the risk of contamination.
  • The top quality thin and soft cotton material allows high permeability which is three times that of ordinary sanitary napkins.
  • Its design further prevent side leakage or back flow.
  • This sanitary napkins are designed to give every woman every protection, comfort and convenience.
  • It so easy for a woman to imagine that time of the month hasn’t come at all.



  1. Thin @ soft cotton surface with unique liquid diversion function absorbs 3 times faster, prevent back flow or side leakage, keeping the surface dry & clean
  2. Contains biological agents - eliminating odour & fighting bacteria, enhance blood circulation, improve metabolism
  3. Crystal clear super absorbent polymer from Japan - water absorption is 10 times more than normal sanitary napkins
  4. 8 unique layers


  1. Day use (10 pad) - RM 13.50 (promo RM 11.50)
  2. Night use (8 pad) - RM 13.50 (promo RM 11.50)
  3. Pantiliner (30 pad) - RM 15.00 (promo RM 13)

COD (Miri, Bekenu, Niah)

Contact 013-3335633 (SMS/Call/Whatsapp/Viber)

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