WTS Latest! Hottest! Fast Result Collagen Drink Aura White


Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg - Your Skin’s Best Friend!! Watch your skin transform in just 7 Days! Truly is an innovative and result proven product for your skin. The ‘Latest and Hottest Beauty Supplement To Hit Malaysia Market!!’

Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg naturally transform your skin without painful injections, botox or expensive laser treatments. You will see the difference from [size=150]7 - 14[/size] Days onwards!!

It contains ALL NATURAL ingredients combined with a breakthrough technology to improve your skin and many other health conditions from INSIDE OUT.

Aura White contains [size=150]400,000mg[/size] (very high dose of COLLAGEN & GLUTA) compared to other beauty supplements in the market therefore making it the MOST EFFICIENT in showing results!

It means that you won’t have to consume a lot to see the results you want. This means instant [size=150]SAVING[/size]$$$$$… (You actually spend more for repeated facial treatments!!)

For saggy skin, dull skin, uneven skin surface, no glow, pimples, skin discolouration, pigmentation, scars, acne scars, dark skin and eczema.

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Benefits of Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg

1-[size=150]AWESOME SKIN (Fair & Glowing)[/size]

Formulated with the latest technology from Japan using all natural ingredients such as Tilapia Collagen, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Tomato Stem Cell, Apple Stem Cell, Rosella Stem Cell, Strawberry, Maqui berry, Billberry, Papaya, Lemon, Sweet Turnip and Mixed Berries. This formula of combined ingredients work 3 times harder on whitening of skin, repairing damaged skin structure due to pimples and acnes, dry skin and pigmentation problems. The results…Fairer, Softer, Translucent Looking Skin. Suitable for MEN & WOMEN.

2-[size=150]BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND NAILS[/size]
Collagen helps with the health of hair and nails. With 400,000mg dose of Collagen & Gluta contained in a bottle of Aura White Gluta Collagen, it is only natural that the health of your hair and nails improve together with your skin. It also improves the calcium intake beneficial to your body for stronger bones & nails.

3-[size=150]MORE ENERGY[/size]
Improves energy level and REDUCES JOINT and MUSCLE pain. Collagen in between joints are lost as we get older. Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg replenishes vital collagen levels in your body.

4-[size=150]INTERNAL HEALTH[/size]
The 3 stem cells formulation improves immunity system, fights free radicals and replenishes old cells with new cells.








Directions of Consumption :
Mix 2 scoops of Aura White Pure GlutaCollagen 400,000mg with 120 ml room temperature plain water (measure with the free shaker provided). SHAKE SHAKE & DRINK (taste like berry flavour).
Do Not Use Hot Water! (It’ll destroy nutrients).
Consume TWICE daily. For best result, drink once in the MORNING (30 minutes before eating) and once at NIGHT before sleep.

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Package includes: ONE bottle of Aura White Pure Gluta Collagen 400,000mg (1 month’s supply) + a FREE Shaker + a FREE 3D Diamond Sheet Mask.

Price: RM150 including FREE DELIVERY FOR EAST & WEST MALAYSIA. (PM for international shipping quote)

Expiry Date: 2 years from manufacturing date

Dealing method: By Pos Only. SMS/PM will be sent to inform as soon as parcel is posted & tracking number. Strictly no COD.

Location of seller: Klang Valley

Contact method/details: SMS at 016-921 7720 or http://www.facebook.com/bigpinkbag

Age of item: Freshly manufactured (stock moves very very fast)!!

P.S. Pregnant mommies can consume only when pregnancy is 4 months and above.