{WTS} Kole Amplifier QB Series 2008 FREE SHIPPING

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Item Manufactured in Korea: QC By U.S.A

Sole Distributor in Malaysia: KOLE AUDIO ENTERPRISE

Both Amplifier comes with 3 RCA Output it means it can connect 2 Amplifier to bridge the Maximum Power

Shipping within Peninsular Malaysia: 1st Kg: Rm8, Additional 1Kg Rm4
Sabah & Sarawak: 1stKg: Rm16, Additional 1Kg: Rm12
Applicable to West Malaysia only.
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[b]Warranty: One year

[b]Dealing method: Maybank 3rd party/ COD/ Self collect

[b]Location of seller: Serdang

[b]Contact method/details: PM me/ aeropostail_99@yahoo.com

[b]Age of item: BRAND NEW IN BOX

[b]Reason for sale: Earn $$$

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Item(s): KOLE AUDIO BBA-503 3 Channel Amplifier + 6.5" Component Set and 12" 250Watts Subwoofer

Price: RM648

Warranty: One year

Dealing method: COD only. Vy heavy.

Location of seller: Serdang / Klang / jln GK

Contact method/details: pm / 016 306 5046

KOLE AUDIO BBA-503 3 Channel Amplifier + 6.5" Component Set and 12" 250Watts Subwoofer

KOLE AUDIO 6.5" Component Speaker x 1 Set
KOLE AUDIO 3 Channel Amplifier x 1 Unit
KOLE AUDIO 12 250Watts Subwoofer x 1 Unit

KOLE AUDIO BBA-503 6.5 400Watts Component Speaker


6.5 full range compatible speaker
Frequency : 45Hz 22Khz
Sensitivity : 90dB/W/M
Max power : 400W
Magnet : 15 oZ
Voice coil : 25mm Gsv
Midrange and tweeter : 29mm dome Tweeter

KOLE AUDIO BBA-503 3 Channel Amplifier


500Wx\ x 2 + 150W x 1 output at 4 ohm
70W x 2 + 22W x 1 output at 2ohm
100W x 1 bridged output at 4ohm (2ch)
Full mosfet power supply
2 ohm stable stereo
Bass boost : 6dB, 0dB (2ch, SUB)
Frequency response : 20Hz 20KHz
Selectable bass boost (6dB,0dB,12dB) at 50Hz
Variable input level gain control
Chrome plated RCA connectors and terminals
S/N ratio > 80dB
T.H.D. <0.2% (2CH)
T.H.D. <1% (SUB)
Full selectable crossover : high / flat / low
Variable low pass filter : 50 250Hz
Variable high pass filter : 50 250Hz
Power & protection led indicator
KOLE AUDIO BBA-503 (SS-212 12 Subwoofer 1000Watts)


12 Subwoofer
Titanjum injection cone
45oz strontium magnet
Frequency response : 25Hz 2.5KHz
Sensitivity : 90dB
Maximum input power : 250W

My fellow friends… Save your money… TS is selling fake product and mostly comes from China…

find me a amp which is monoblock and has 1000 watt in RMS…

:shock: :roll:

:shock: :roll:[/quote]

1 woofer already 500rms watt…wanna put another woofer same also 500 rms watt…so need 1000 rms watt amp lor…

To kopio kao
Do you noe mostly now product come from China ?
So all China product is fake la ?

Sosundstream PCA 1000rms.

sosundstream?? new brand or what?? or it’s soundstream??

This sound crazy…i’m looking for monoblock amp RMS 500 watt at 4 ohm. My subs are 4 Ohm RMS 500 watts.

PCA 1000
PCA 2000
2000RMS also got.
is 2007 series model.
not 2008 model.

how much is the price??

PCA1000D 1000x1 rms
PCA1500D 1500x1 rms
PCA2000D 2000x1 rms


All above Digital Amplifiers ( Competition )