{WTS} Kingston Notebook Ram 667mhz 2 Gb

hi, i have one kingston ram for laptop for sell. it is ddr2 2gb. selling for rm 70. reason of selling is not compatible with my laptop

how to contact u? 0168677716

are u in miri?

got warranty?

i bought it long time liao… just dug it out recently… tested it and it’s ok… about the warranty i myself dunno haha… lolx… i can lower down the price though… just wanna get rid of my stuff…

pm me the best price

yes, i can ask my friend cod…pm me the best price…0168677716… please contact me by phone, i seldom online

the item is sold?

I am looking for notebook DDR 2 ram 2GB, for my acer 4520.
I am in Miri, can contact me?

subject closed

I have actually bought this set of Ram, so I believe this post should be closed