[wts] israeli gas mask

Item(s): Israeli Gas Mask + 40mm BIOWAR Filter + Drinking Tube

Dealing method:COD/Postage

Location: Miri (Weekend) Bintulu (Weekdays)

Price: RM150

Contact method/details: PM/0198553527

Item(s) conditions: Brand New


Issued by Israeli government to protect citizens of Israel from terrorist attacks

Intended for use during the EVACUATION from a contaminated area

Will filter out all Nuclear, Biological (Anthrax and Small Pox) and Chemical

Includes an NBC filter

Filters last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination

NATO approved

[size=200]4 LEFT![/size]

Will be in miri till tomorrow! (Sunday 18/2/2012)

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Hi…how much the price you selling those item??..available quantity??

how much? how much? how much? how much? :mrgreen:

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got it…pls reserved me one…will revert to you back later…any details for COD…pls email me at the following address idsaki[at]gmail.com…t.q

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pm me the price :smiley:

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but…why do we need it?

Preparing for the worst? Spreading of pandemic diseases and etc… :wink:

2012 doom days is near…
need to buy one

[quote=“tmt”]2012 doom days is near…
need to buy one[/quote]
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