[WTS] I7 975 Extreme ! OEM

Dear ALL mirians…

I am bringing in 1 unit
I7 975 Extreme - > OEM …
waranty : 3 months
processor only

OEM = retail set without box and heatsink .

Selling Price : RM2700 !!!
Retail price is selling RM3800 …

Come on…this is the fastest processor in the world at the moment… I dont think there’s another proc better than this in this 2 years ( I7 series )

ou… nice cpu! nw i use intel qx9770 with asus rampage extreme+corsair 2133mhz ddr3 ram

wah wah wah wah!!! veli geng ler~~~~

I am using i7 920 + Rampage 2 extreme + Corsair dominator 1866mhz 6gb CL7

Actually tis 975 i wan self use d…bt my machine is used for ppstream and bitorent only…my godness…so, i decided to sell this 975 off…

If u r interested , you can take mine 975 + Rampage 2 extreme + corsair dominator 1866mhz 6GB CL7 … trade in with your lower end set ( of course nt ur QX9770 ) …haha~~ too good for me~

trade with mine AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Dual Core Proc 3800+ plus 2GB of RAM want?! LOL…my computer is way too low end XD

Hahahaha…can ah~~ if u top up me nice nice price~~ hehehehe