[WTS] Honda Civic

You can contact me at 016-8781171 for more information :mrgreen:
You send me a pm :mrgreen:

Selling : RM35,000
Owner : 4
Year of made : 1995

Sorry for the real slow update.
Updates : Engine Photos is up :mrgreen:

How old? How many previous owners?

etc, etc… all that info would be great!


Year of made : 1995
4 owners already.


i will post the interior pics asap

price? accident b4?

pls included price more easy for the interested buyer…

sohc or dohc ?

should take pix of engine… and mod?

The place should be at Krokop which NHY is located

Correct WuGuiWui , anyone of u who are interested can come over to Wan Motor and find me :slight_smile: or can give me a call.
Original no mod … and its a sohc engine, i get the pics up asap :slight_smile:

BUMP… :oops:

Sorry, I think the price is rather expensive.

the engine head shows that it is sohc :mrgreen:

me too.coz its sohc engine.when i compare to mudah.com or motortrader,its much more expensive.(just a humble opinion)

http://www.mudah.my/honda-civic-e-ek3-i … tm?ca=13_s

sale for only rm28K