[WTS] High Quality HID

Selling HID, got two types:
grade B, grade A

  1. Grade B RM 130, 3 months warranty…normal ballast
  2. Grade A RM 160, 6 months warranty…slim ballast

All price is without installation
If wan installation, i need to see car first, installation fees rm20-30

COD in Miri…

ur shop in miri?

Nope, i do online sell. but can cod in Miri, no problem… interested?

got hid for motorcycle ? low watt spec.

Sorry, nope at the moment…

Are you sure 12 years warranty???

opps, thanks for the mistakes…


any photos to see the products?

Haha, very sorry…my dealer does not provide me any photos…my item is pre order…

Bump, fast fast… any more order before i closing for the order for the week? :stuck_out_tongue:

BUMP, Anymore??

What is the brand and how can we claim warranty if any? Thx

you can claim the warranty from me, then i send to my dealer… HID is not about brand, no brand actually for HID, those are just printed name at the box to look luxury, its about the quality,.

bump! who want?